25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight C - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th August 2014 @ 1:46


02:42: Blinds going up! One more level to play.

02:37: Just 14 players left now! Play will stop if we reach 9 but that's very unlikely as we just have 45 minutes of play left.

02:33: Alex Ferguson out! Gary Bertram opened, Andriy called from the SB and Alex jammed his 30-40k stack all in with 5h4h from the BB. Gary folded but Andriy called with ATo. It held up and Alex is gone.

02:27: Sunny Rehilu been short-stacked all day. Even now he's just on about 18k. Doing well to stay alive.

02:24: Alex Ferguson involved in plenty of hands on Table 1. Been going well for him but he just bluffed off 15k to Andriy on the river.

02:08: Back in action and we've lost Peter Alder. John Lynch took him out with KJ vs his A4 all in preflop for about 13k. Down to 15.

01:47: Here are the remaining 16 players in Flight C. Stack counts for the leaders.

Grant Cooper 95k
Gary Bertram
Robert Franks 180k
Andriy Myro 80k
Alex Ferguson
Craig Cooper
Todd Cairns
Stuart White

Peter Alder
Stephen Pollard
Marius Varanavicious 70k
Lloyd Jack
Jamie Caira
John Lynch 64k
Steve Martin 127k
Sunny Rehilu

01:46: Break.

10th August 2014 @ 2:07
200k run
Don't you mean Alex Ferguson?
10th August 2014 @ 2:10
Yep. It's getting late here. Starting to hallucinate.
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