25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight C - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th August 2014 @ 0:06


01:05: After a raise from Gary Bertram and a call from Andriy Myro Ian Swan shoves all in with his short stack. He gets it through though as neither opponent decides to call.

01:02: Down to 21 players.

00:58: We've lost the one and only Lewis Fowler! Robert Franks opened to 2.5k, Lewis 3bet to 8k, Grant Cooper 4bet to 20k, Robert called then Lewis shoved all in for about 26k. Both opponents called and the flop came Queen High. Grant Check/Folded to Robert's flop shove and it was Robert's AQ top pair vs Lewis' Pocket Sevens. No improvement for Fowler on the turn or river and he's on his way back to Aberdeen :-(

00:57: Stuart Wedge out.

00:53: Ian Swan riding the short stack but he's "entertaining" his table by singing aloud to his iPod. It may be an advanced strategy to put them on tilt though.

00:43: Alex Ferguson and Grant Cooper have a £50 side bet on the number of players that will make Day 2 from this flight. We started with 41 and currently have 23. Alex has 11 or under and Grant the over.

00:34: Ali Ciftci out! 66 vs Grant Cooper's QQ all in on a low flop. Down to 23.

00:33: Louis Paxton out. The third entry wasn't a charm on this occasion.

00:31: Andriy gets a 9.1k river bluff through there vs Todd Crains and showed it. Decent-sized pot.

00:19: Biggest stacks from around the room:

Grant Cooper 107k
Steve Martin 77k
Andriy Myro 70k
Marius Varanavicious 57k
Robert Franks 54k
Lloyd Jack 52k
Lewis Fowler 48k
Todd Cairns 45k

00:18: Grant Cooper took a big pot from Lewis Fowler just before the start of the break. Grant flopped the second nut flush and Lewis missed his nut flush draw. Lewis fired a 20k bluff on the river which Grant called.

00:10: Chris Taylor out. Players on a 15 minute break now. 25 out of 41 left. 4 more levels. Some chip counts coming up...

10th August 2014 @ 0:59
How's sunny doing
10th August 2014 @ 1:05
Been short all night. About 12k now.
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