25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight C - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th August 2014 @ 2:41


03:26: 11 make it through to Day 2 from the 21 that started Flight C. That gives us a total of 52 players for Day 2. See you tomorrow at 12pm.

03:25: StephenPollard knocked out by Steve Martin on the last hand of the night.

03:11: Andriy looks like he has around 50k now.

03:10: Grant likely to be going into Day 2 as chip leader if things stay as they are. 12 minutes of play left.

03:04: HUGE POT for Grant Cooper vs Andriy Myro! Grant got a full double up and started the hand with about 115k!

03:03: Down to 12! We lose Jamie Caira all in preflop with QT vs John Lynch's KT which holds up.

03:00: Down to 13! Sunny Rehilu out with AsTs all in preflop vs KJ. A King hit the flop and it stayed ahead the rest of the way.

02:55: One of the G Casino's many accolades from over the years:

02:50: Craig Cooper takes one down:

02:47: Andriy's stack is looking pretty healthy now:

02:45: Andriy gets a Walk in the first hand at this new level!

02:44: Yeehaa! Last level of the night. Looking forward to going to bed........then gettting up again in time for the 12pm start on Sunday.

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