25/25 Series Dundee II - Final Table - Level 24 (20000/40000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th August 2014 @ 23:30


00:30: Blinds going up.

00:29: Dany just bought a round of drinks for the railbirds, his opponent and the live blogger. Very generous.

00:28: Grant makes it 80k on the Button. Dany calls. Flop KhJs5h. Grant takes it with a c-bet.

00:27: Dany opens the Button, Grant calls. Flop 9c7h4s. Dany bets and Grant check/calls it. Turn 2h. Grant checks again. Dany bets 90k. Grant calls. River As. Grant checks. Dany checks. Both say they have a Seven. Dany shows K7 FTW.

00:26: Grant opens the Button, Dany calls. Checked by both all the way. Grant with with bottom pair (75o).

00:25: Approx counts now...

Dany Coll 1,700k
Grant Cooper 2,500k

00:20: Grant opens the Button for 80k. Dany calls. Flop Td9c7h. Dany checks. Grant bets 60k. Dany calls. Turn 2d. Dany checks. Grant bets 130k. Dany calls. River Qd. Dany checks. Grant bets 500k. Dany calls! Grant declares "Straight" and shows 8s6c (flopped it!). Dany said he could have lost a lot more.

00:18: Another small pot to Grant.

00:16: Big action on this 356 flop. Dany check/raised to 175k and Grant has now made it 400k. Dany.......folds.

00:15: Approx stacks now:

Dany Coll 2,650k
Grant Cooper 1,550k

00:14: Dany raises the Button to 80k. Wins.

00:13: Both players fold their buttons.

00:09: Grant opens to 80k on the Button, Dany 3bets to 175k, Grant calls. Flop 9s8c4h. Dany bets 90k. Grant calls. Turn 5c. Dany bets 175k. Grant calls. River 7d. Dany bets 325k. Grant snap-calls. Dany shows Kd6h for a rivered Straight. Grant had.....Aces.

00:08: This is Grant's second 25/25 Series heads up. He finished 2nd in Aberdeen earlier in the year.

00:04: Let the heads up battle commence!

23:56: The players have agreed to adjust 1st and 2nd prizes to be:

1st £9,000
2nd £7,620

23:55: Chip counts heads up:

Dany Coll 1,926k
Grant Cooper 2,295k

23:52: Break before heads up starts. Here are all the cashers so far:

1 £10,030
2 £6,590

3 £4,150 Ian Wright
4 £2,820 David Weeks
5 £1,870 Danny Chan
6 £1,400 Rami Saleh
7 £1,120 Tim Siddall
8 £950 Gregor Deas
9 £820 Jake Hughes
10 £710 Hugh Cairnie
11 £620 Paul Anderson
12 £540 Gary Gracey
13 £540 David Bisset
14 £480 Penny Malik
15 £480 Stuart White
16 £440 Morag Lawson
17 £440 Craig Cooper

23:49: Ian Wright opens to 80k and Dany ships on him. Ian calls with 44. Dany has TT. It holds up and Ian is out in 3rd for £4,150.

23:45: Dany opens to 80k on the Button. Grant calls from the BB. Flop Ac4d2h. Grant checks. Dany bets 62k. Grant calls. Turn 4h. Grant checks. Dany checks. River Jc. Grant bets 200k. Coll calls! Grant shows AJ for top two pair. It's good.

23:44: Ian makes it clear there's no chance of a deal now.

23:43: Wild guess counts 3 handed:

Dany Coll 1,500k
Ian Wright 850k
Grant Cooper 1,900k

23:36: Grant opens to 88k. David calls from the BB. Heads up. Flop AhAdTd. David ships it in Grant's face and he calls quickly. David has Kd9d (flush draw) but is against (A9) for Trips. Turn 3c. River 3d. For a couple of seconds David thinks he's won but then sees that the 3 gives Grant a full house. David out in 4th for £2,820.

23:35: David opens to 100k. Dany 3bets to 250k from the SB. David asks him if he has a pair. Dany declines to answer. David folds.

23:34: Murray Angus has just chopped the 3pm freeroll heads up btw.

23:32: Ian opens to 80k UTG. Called by Dany in the BB. Flop Td8d6c.  Turn Ks. River 4s. Checked all the way. Dany wins with Ad9c, Ace High.

23:30: New level. Chunky 20k/40k/4k blinds now!

10th August 2014 @ 23:45
Andy H
Bring it back to Aberdeen!
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