25/25 Series Dundee II - Final Table - Level 23 (15000/30000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th August 2014 @ 22:45


23:30: Very rough counts. They are definitely not exactly right as they total about 200k short of the total chips in play but should give you some idea of the positions:

Dany Coll 1,400k
Ian Wright 805k
David Weeks 750k
Grant Cooper 1,050k

23:21: 4 handed now. Some deal talk but Dany Coll says he's not up for dealing 4 handed at all. There is £23,500 left in the prize pool.

1 £10,030
2 £6,590
3 £4,150
4 £2,820
5 £1,870 Danny Chan
6 £1,400 Rami Saleh
7 £1,120 Tim Siddall
8 £950 Gregor Deas
9 £820 Jake Hughes
10 £710 Hugh Cairnie
11 £620 Paul Anderson
12 £540 Gary Gracey
13 £540 David Bisset
14 £480 Penny Malik
15 £480 Stuart White
16 £440 Morag Lawson
17 £440 Craig Cooper

23:20: David shipped the last coupe of hands and won 'em.

23:16: Danny Chan out next hand with 94 vs Ian's K9. Danny Chan 5th for £1,870.

23:13: Danny ships the Button (QJ) and is called by David (KJ). David doubles up and Danny Chan is crippled with about 13k.

23:11: Danny ships the SB into David and takes it down.

23:09: Walk from Ian to Danny Chan.

23:08: Grant raises the SB into Dany Coll. Dany 3bets and takes it down.

23:03: 5 handed now at the FT. £1,870 locked up by all. £10,030 FTW. No deals or savers agreed so far.

23:02: Grant opens the Button for 66k. Dany Coll 3bets the SB to 157k. Wins.

22:57: Grant opens and Rami ships all in. Grant calls! Grant's AT vs Rami's A7. It runs out clean and Rami is out in 6th for £1,400.

22:51: Grant ships it baby, one more time. Gets a quick call from Rami with QQ. Grant shows AJ. Flop AJ and two pair holds up. Double for Grant from 420k to start! Rami now short on about 270k.

22:48:Grant shippity shippy ships the Button. Wins.

22:46: Danny Chan shoves from the Button. Wins.

22:45: Level 23 here we go!

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