25/25 Series Dundee II - Final Table - Level 22 (12000/24000/2500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th August 2014 @ 21:48


22:43: Grant all in one more time................No call.

22:41: Ian raises from the SB and takes Rami's BB again. He didn't give him any chat this time though.

22:40: Dany Coll calls the SB this time. Ian raises to 65k from the BB. Dany folds.

22:38: Grant calls in the SB. Dany Coll checks. Check flop. Check Turn. Check River. 4th pair wins for Grant vs King High.

22:37: Danny Chan ships the Button. No call.

22:36: Grant makes it 51k UTG. Ian raises to 120k. Grant...............folds that bad boy.

22:35: Dany Coll makes it 50k. Wins.

22:34: Dany Coll makes it 50k. Wins.

22:32: Ian Wright's pal back in Aberdeen, Lewis Fowler, has posted a tribute to him on Facebook:

22:28: David makes it 65k on the Button. Grant shoves from the SB (about 250k). David.............folds.

22:27: Rami makes it 50k. Wins.

22:26: Grant decides just to raise this time, from UTG. 48k to play. Wins.

22:25: Grant moves his chips all into the middle again. Wins.

22:23: David opens to 65k. Dany Coll calls from the Button. Flop KdQdQh. Check/Check. Turn As. David bets 50k. Dany Coll folds quickly showing JJ. David lets him see the..............44!

22:22: Rami throw in 50k UTG. Wins.

22:21: Danny Chan ship all in from the cut-off. No action.

22:20: 50k again from Dany Coll. 3rd hand in a row. Wins it again.

22:19: Dany Coll tries 50k again. Wins it this time.

22:17: Dany Coll opens to 50k but folds to Danny Chan's ship.

22:16: Grant all in again. No call.

22:15: Reminder of the payouts:

1 £10,030
2 £6,590
3 £4,150
4 £2,820
5 £1,870
6 £1,400
7 £1,120 Tim Siddall
8 £950 Gregor Deas
9 £820 Jake Hughes
10 £710 Hugh Cairnie
11 £620 Paul Anderson
12 £540 Gary Gracey
13 £540 David Bisset
14 £480 Penny Malik
15 £480 Stuart White
16 £440 Morag Lawson
17 £440 Craig Cooper

22:06: Tim limps in for 24k. Ian, on the Button, raises to 75k. Tim calls. Flop Th9h8d. Tim checks. Ian moves all in. Tim calls. It's AJ (Ian) vs 9s8s (Tim). Nae bother for Ian as he hits his Straight on the Turn with 7c. No house up for Tim on the River and he's out in 7th for £1,120.

22:05: Grant moves all in. Gets it through.

22:04: Dany shares the Walk Love and gives Ian one.

22:03: Walkies again for Dany Coll.

22:01: Rami opens for 50k (KK). Tim calls from the BB (8d6d). Heads up. Flop 6h2s2d. Tim moves all in. Rami calls immediately. The Turn and River were no help for Tim and he doubled Rami up.

22:00: Back in action! Dany Coll opens to 50k. Wins it.

21:55: Latest approximate chip counts:

1 Tim Siddall 466k
2 -
3 Dany Coll 1,546k
4 Ian Wright 505k
5 Rami Saleh 236k
6 Danny Chan 449k
7 David Weeks 713k
8 Grant Cooper 237k
9 -

21:28: Break.

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