25/25 Series Dundee II - Final Table - Level 21 (10000/20000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th August 2014 @ 21:02


21:47: Break!

21:47: Danny Chan opens and wins it. The David opens and takes it. Wins and shows AA.

21:43: David opens to 55k. Takes it down.

21:42: Another Walk for Dany Coll. He had AT.

21:41: Dany Coll opens but folds to David's 3bet.

21:38: Here are the 7 remaining final tableists:

21:33: Grant makes it 44k. Dany Coll calls in position. Heads up. Flop JcJh6h. Check/Check. Turn 9c. Grant checks. Dany Coll bets 38k. Grant folds.

21:32: Danny Chan opens to 43k. David Weeks 3bets to 150k. Danny Chan..............folds.

21:31: Tim gives Dany Coll a Walk. Dany shows......AcKc!

21:30: Average stack for the last 7 is 607k.

21:28: Dany Coll makes it 45k UTG. Tim calls from the BB. Heads up. Flop 7s6s2c. Tim checks. Dany Coll bets 31k. Wins.

21:27: David W gives Grant a Walk.

21:26: Grant open-shoves UTG. Wins. He now has about 260k.

21:25: David W opens 55k UTG. Dany Coll calls from the cut-off. Flop Ace High and David shoves it in Dany's face. Dany folds.

21:24: Break in 20 odd minutes. Will try for some chip counts then.

21:23: Dany Coll opens the Button to 42k. Rami calls from the BB. Flop AdTs8c. Rami checks. Dany Coll bets 31k. Rami folds it.

21:21: Grant opens to 44k. Ian ships all in. Grant folds.

21:17: Rami opens to 47k. Dany Coll shoves all in. Rami snap-calls with AA, Dany Coll shows QQ. Rami had 182k total. Rami flops him virtually dead with A55.

21:15: Rami opens for 43k. Tim calls from the BB. Flop 7c7s5d. Check/Check. Turn Kh. Tim bets63k. Rami........folds.

21:14: David Weeks raises to 50k from the SB and Grant Cooper gives it to him. Weeks shows the old Seven/Deuce.

21:13: Dany Coll opens for 40k and takes it down.

21:12: Grant Cooper's turn to open-shove. No contest this time though.

21:11: Ian opens his SB to 59k and Rami folds. Rami says "Keep doing this", I think implying that he's going to do something about it next time.

21:08: David Weeks open-shoves all in 218k. Dany Coll calls with TT. Weeks shows A9. It's looking good for Dany Coll but there's an Ace on the River for David's double!

21:05: Tim limps the SB vs Dany Coll who checks. Flop K99. Check/Check. Turn 4h. Tim checks. Dany bets. Tim calls. River 6d. Tim checks. Dany bets and takes it.

21:02: Blinds up! 7 left at the FT. £1,120 locked up by all.

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