25/25 Series Dundee II - Final Table - Level 20 (8000/16000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th August 2014 @ 20:16


21:01: Ian raises next pot and is called by Danny Chan. Ian wins with a flop bet though.

20:55: Gregor Deas open-shoves about 160k from the Button. Called by Ian Wright in the BB with A4. Gregor tables......K3. The board is not kind to him and Ian takes it down with top pair. Gregor Deas 8th for £950.

20:53: Pot for Grant Cooper. Think that's his only his second at the FT.

20:52: A couple of medium-sized pots for Tim and Dany Coll there.

20:47: John Manzie has to head off early tonight but is leaving the FT in the capable hands of Ant:

20:44: Jake open-ships all in UTG+1. Looks like about 235k. Danny Chan reshoves from the SB. It's Danny's JJ vs Jake's AK. Danny Chan hits a Set on the Turn to send Jake out in 9th for £820.

20:42: Right, I'm going to use "Coll" for Dany Coll and "Chan" for Danny Chan from now on I think. Hope that makes it clearer.

20:40: Jake opens to 32k. Dany C calls from the Button. Heads up. Flop KhTs6c. Check/Check. Turn 2h. Check/Check. River Qd. Jake checks. Dany C bets 60k. Jake folds.

20:39: Rami opens to 37k UTG. Wins it.

20:38: Danny Chan opens to 36k. Takes it.

20:37: Here are the prizes paid out so far and the last 9 remaining:

1 £10,030
2 £6,590
3 £4,150
4 £2,820
5 £1,870
6 £1,400
7 £1,120
8 £950
9 £820
10 £710 Hugh Cairnie
11 £620 Paul Anderson
12 £540 Gary Gracey
13 £540 David Bisset
14 £480 Penny Malik
15 £480 Stuart White
16 £440 Morag Lawson
17 £440 Craig Cooper

20:36: Tim completes the SB and Gregor checks. Flop Ad9s5s. Gregor bets 16k when checked to and wins it.

20:33: Dany Coll opens UTG+1 to 40k. Tim 3bets to 110k, Dany C 4bets all in with Tim well covered. Tim..........folds, showing 77 face up. Dany rakes in the chips.

20:32: Danny Chan opens the cut-off to 36k. No contest.

20:29: Danny Chan opens the Button to 36k. Grant, in the BB, 3bets to 80k. Danny Chan 4btes all in. Grant...................folds.

20:28: Tim opens to 25k in mid-position. Wins it.

20:26: Ian opens the Button for 32k. Rami calls from the SB. Heads up. Flop Js7c2s. Check/Check. Turn 6s. Check/Check. River Qh. Rami bets 55k. Ian calls. Rami shows AQ for top pair and it's good.

20:23: Dany Coll limps the Button for 16k. Ian and Rami complete the blinds and check. Flop cJ6h5c. Rami leads out but Dany Coll raises to 55k and takes it down.

20:22: Danny Chan opens to 36k and takes down the blinds and antes.

20:22: Weeks celebrates his double by opening the next hand to 40k. Takes down the blinds and antes. Shows AQ.

20:18: Dany Collopens for 32k UTG. David Weeks shoves all in for 142k. Coll calls. It's David's A8o vs Qd9d. David holds to double.

20:17: Gregor opens to 35k UTG. Grant, on the Button, 3bets to 70k. Everyone folds including Gregor.

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