25/25 Series Dundee II - Day 2 - Level 12 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th August 2014 @ 12:42


13:28: Andriy Myro out.

13:19: John Pullar out.

13:16: Willie Elliot out too. All in preflop with 22 vs Lewis Coffin's TT and couldn't get there.

13:16: Graeme Black and Michael Patterson also out! 43 left.

13:15: Local Legend Leon Sarandis also out :-(

13:12: John Lynch's table tells me he shoved K5 into KK preflop for about 38k. He had a lot of chips earlier but lost a big pot to Grant Cooper to get him short. Todd Cairns was the benefactor with KK.

13:11: John Lynch out!

13:10: Chip Leader Grant Cooper on 300k+ now.

13:09: Gregor Deas trending upwards:

13:06: Brent Burnett out.

13:03: Confidential sources indicate that Andriy Myro may have slept in the casino last night after finishing Flight C at 3.30am then playing cash until 7am.

12:55: Another double up for John Pullar. This time he limped UTG, Hugh Cairnie in the SB called then Shaz Sardar raised from the BB. John Pullar then moved all in. Hugh folded and Shaz reluctantly made the call. It was about 13k more and he'd already put in 10k. Shaz tabled 66 and John KTo. A King on the flop held up the rest of the way for John to double and Shaz to take a hit.

12:54: Walks for Hugh Cairnie on this table and also for Andriy Myro on Table 2 at the same time.

12:52: Frank Benzies opens for 6.5k, Willie Elliot shoves all in for 27.1k. Frank gets away from it. Willie shows Ace of Clubs again!

12:49: Things not going well for Willie Elliot. He is well down from his 97k starting stack. He just open-shoved the Button and got it through though. He shows Ace of Clubs.

12:47: Panoramic shot of the poker room:

12:45: Level 2 starting now. 48 players remain.

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