25/25 Series Dundee II - Day 2 - Level 11 (1000/2000/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th August 2014 @ 11:31


12:39: Medium-sized pot for Hugh Cairnie there with two pair vs two pair but it was a very dangerous-looking board so no betting on the River.

12:38: Double up for short stack John Pullar.

12:36: Kurt Hasson opens to 7k, Lewis Coffin (left) calls from the SB but Stewart Hay (right) shoves all in for 61k from the BB. Kurt folds quickly but Lewis thinks it over for a while before he does.

12:34: Lost Scott Maxwell. Down to 48. We pay 17 players.

12:32: Todd Cairns has finally arrived, 33 minutes late.

12:31: Lewis Coffin opens to 4.5k. Willie Elliot 3bets to 14k from the SB. Lewis........folds.

12:29: Shaun Rutter out.

12:26: Kurt Hasson opens to 5.5k. Calls from the SB (John Pullar)  and BB (Frank Benzies). Flop Ad7h2h. John Pullar bets 5.5k, Frank Benzies calls. Kurt folds. Turn 3c. John Pullar bets 11k. Frank Benzies calls. River 7c. Check/Check. John Pullar 88. Frank Benzies wins with Ah9h.

12:23: Set of 7s for Shaz Sardar and he wins a 23k pot. The river put a 4-card straight on the board which slowed things down.

12:17: Double Elimination on Table 6! We lose Wayne Grieve and John Angus. There was a big 3-way all in preflop with John Lynch's JJ getting there vs AT and KK. John hit Quads to seal the deal! Down to 50 players. John Lynch must have added about 75k to his stack.

12:11: I assume the Aberdeen team bus has arrrived as Ian Wright and Wayne Grieve now at their seats.

12:10: I'm next to Table 1 again so will feature most action from these players:

S1 Frank Benzies
S2 Wilie Elliot
S3 Kurt Hasson
S4 Nehme Al Asmar
S5 Lewis Coffin
S6 Stewart Hay
S7 Hugh Cairnie
S8 Shaz Sardar
S9 John Pullar

12:09: Scott Maxwell and Tim Siddall have arrived.

12:08: Slight issue on Table 4 as a player sat on the wrong seat, unbagged the wrong chips and played a hand with them! All sorted now though, don't worry.

12:06: Running late are Willie Elliot, Alan Carlyle, Ian Wright, Scott Maxwell, Tim Siddall, Todd Cairns and Wayne Geive!

12:00: Game on!

11:40: 20 minutes to go! Ewan Brown is ready to go:

11:32: The chips are being put on the tables for Day 2 as we speak...

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