Richard Dewar 182,900
Stewart Hay 164,700
Shane Jan Ross 158,700
Jamie Duffy 137,400
Paddy Doonan 120,300
Paul Clements 111,000
Leon Sarandis 107,000
Todd Cairns 94,000
George Gilhooley 91,400
Gary Gracey 90,700
Christopher Barclay 85,000
Thomas Partridge 82,000
Ian Swan 78,400
Gordon Anderson 77,800
Elaine Dorrian 66,600
Richard Doonan 59,800
Tony Crolla 62,600
Christopher Craig 60,600
Dariusz Bulak 47,500
David Cheung 44,200
Phil Stars 38,400
George Devine 37,700
Findlay Meechan 30,600
Jamie Caira 19,400
Stevie Bangham 3,000

25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight C - Level 5 (200/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th August 2014 @ 22:49


23:13: Daniel Lou vs Gary Bertram. Daniel got there after his 99 hit a set on the Turn vs Gary's JJ. The flop had 2 Tens on it. Gary paid him off a modest value bet on the River and disgustedly showed his Jacks. Gary's not been running well so far.

23:11: Dropping fast now. Louis Paxton takes out Conor Ogg.

23:07: Joseph Myles out. Andriy Myro did the damage calling the AK all in with 55 which held up.

23:06: Neil Forrester out.

23:05: Wayne Shinnie also out.

23:04: Will get some chip counts after the end of Level 6.

22:59: Ian Swan and Steven Martin, both fired multiple bullets this weekend and hoping to make Day 2 in this final flight:

22:58: Stuart Wilson just reported to the rail. He's oot!

22:57: Sunny Rehilu and Neil Forrester:

22:56: Regular on the Scottish tournament circuit GK Kamal joined us late in Flight C:

22:54: Stuart Wilson looking happy. His stack isn't though.

22:53: Lewis Fowler still involved and has about 21k:

22:50: Level 5 here we go!

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