25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight B - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th August 2014 @ 17:20


17:56: Dany Coll building a big stack. He just picked up another 50k with KK vs AQ all in prelfop, eliminating a player.

17:43: Barry Sloan out.

17:40: Kurt Hasson opens to 3k and Connor McGuile 3bets to 8k from the SB. Kurt calls. Flop K88. Connor takes it down with a 6k c-bet.

17:39: Michael Kemp opens to 2k again but this time Elaine and the BB call. Flop TT4. He gets them both to fold with a 2.4k c-bet.

17:37: Michael Kemp opens to 2k and begs Elaine McHugh to give up her BB. She obliges.

17:36: Gordon Anderson out.

17:34: Hay Elbakoush eliminated. Down to 31.

17:32: Dany Coll is handing out free poker lessons on Table 3:

17:29: Todd Cairns may be lacking confidence in his stort stack abilities as he's just entered a £20 flip for Flight C despite still being involved in B.

17:29: Slowing down a bit there. Still 32 left from 57.

17:20: Level 8 started. Last break after this one then 2 more 40 minute levels left.

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