25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight B - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th August 2014 @ 16:18


17:18: Double up for Elaine McHugh through Willie Elliot. She shoved her short stack all in with QhTh and was called with the 33.

17:13: Ian Swan and Staurt White out.

17:08: Double up for Dariusz Bulak through Connor McGuile. All in on the flop J4 (Darisuz) vs Ad3d (Connor) on the 8d4d4c flop. Running 7s gave Dariusz a full house.

17:02: Tickets available in 11-player £20 flips for seats into Flight C tonight. Sign up at the poker desk.

16:54: Here are the 4 remaining tables:

16:53: Got Neil Feenan to crack a smile:

16:39: Back in action. Michael Kemp asks his tablemates to each give him 2k then they just stop playing for the rest of the day. Offer declined.

16:30: Here are some of the biggest stacks from around the room. 36 left from the 57 that started. Last night 26 out of 72 made it through to Day 2.

Tim Siddall 93k
Neil Feenan 90k
Dany Coll 85k
Stewart Hay 65k
Willie Elliot 59k
Michael Kemp 56k
Jonathan McRitchie 47k
Kevin Finnie 47k

16:23: Just did a quick Shade Count. Only 3/36 players currently wearing them. 8% of the field seems pretty low to me. Will compare with Flight C later on.

22: Players on a break now then Level 7 will get going. Some chip counts coming soon...

9th August 2014 @ 17:03
Andy H
Stuart Wilson/Wayne Grieve/Beef chip count please.
9th August 2014 @ 17:15
Beef 62k. Stuart 47k. Wayne 18k. Wayne also says "Get it up you".
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