19: 40: Flight B has already exceeed Flight A and we are only 1 level deep. We have 60 players and many more expected before the 9.15pm cut off. The first player out was Paul Tenbruck.

19:38: Apologies for the late start to tonight's blog but we are having some trouble with the WIFI here at the moment.

25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight B - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th August 2014 @ 15:45


16:18: 15 minute break in a few minutes' time.

16:11: Peter Alder out (KT). Sent home by Willie Elliot all in with AcQc on Kc6c6x flop. The flush got there on the River.

16:09: Wayne Shinnie out but already enquiring about the Flight C start time so looks like he'll be giving it another go.

16:07: Down to 36 players from the 57 that started today. 4 tables of 9 now.

16:05: Update from Lewis Fowler. He is psyching himself up for Flight C tonight:

16:04: Steven Culbert out.

16:02: Latest from Stuart Wilson. Next break in 18 minutes by the way.

15:54: Allan Kettles out.

15:49: Lewis Fowler from Aberdeen is coming down for Flight C tonight and he's actually very confident of doing well. He always takes Dundee events very seriously and has had some results here in the past.

15:47: Here is Kevin Finnie putting a bet in:

15:45: Here is Jake Hughes trying again after busting out yesterday:

9th August 2014 @ 15:51
Defecating Bear
Lewis fowler will take it seriously. Yup. Story checks out. Hahahaha
9th August 2014 @ 15:55
He says he's just playing for the trophy and doesn't care about the money...
9th August 2014 @ 16:03
Defecating Bear
Is he shipping every hand blind yet, and how many bullets is he aiming for?
9th August 2014 @ 16:05
He's not playing till 7.45pm Flight C later on.
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