John Stirling 175,100
Bob Cummings 166,500
Mark Cuggy 128,000
Billy Mundh 121,800
Maj Iqbal 119,600
Colin McConaghy 115,700
Andrew Feenan 91,300
Alan Brown 89,400
Robert Knight 82,900
Gavin McGuire 74,600
Nathan Farnaby 72,400
David Gillies 69,700
Lloyd Swan 69,000
Stuart White 52,100
Roddy Morrison 46,500

25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight B - Level 5 (400/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th August 2014 @ 14:56


15:42: Blinds up!

15:34: Michael Kemp opens to 900 UTG and is called by Dariusz in the SB (in the middle, blue shirt) and Peter Alder in the BB (yellow tshirt). Flop Qs4h2s. Checks to Kemp who bets 1.1k. Both opponents calls. Turn Td. All players check. River 2h. Dariusz checks, Peter bets 4k. Kemp folds but Dariusz calls and wins with KQ. Peter decared Ace High.

15:32: Wayne Grieve must has re-entered. Spotted him back in the field.

15:30: Louis Paxton out. Will he fire a 3rd bullet tonight at 7.45pm?

15:27: Here are The Sloan Bros from Glasgow:

15:18: Robert Franks (left) eliminated by Michael "Beef" Kemp (right). Robert opened to 900 preflop which was called by Kemp in position. Connor McGuile came along from the BB. Flop KsJh3c. All checked to Kemp who bet 1.5k. Connor folded and Robert called. Turn Ac. Robert now bets 5.1k into Kemp. He calls. River 2d and Robert bets 7k. Kemp raises to 33k which is enough to cover Robert. He had a good long think and Kemp said "If you call and lose you can always re-enter at 7.45pm" then later changing it to "WHEN you lose you can re-enter at 7.45pm". Robert did call and got the bad news when Kemp showed QT for The Nuts. Michael Kemp now up to around 77k.

15:14: Gareth McNeill out with QhTh vs 88 all in preflop.

15:12: Willie Elliot opens to 1,025 and gets calls from Todd Cairns (SB) and Connor McGuile (BB). Flop Jc9h3h. All players check. Turn 5s. Connor bets 1.7k and takes it down.

15:05: 400 limps from Robert Franks in the cut-off and Michael Kemp on the button. Willie Elliot and Elaine McHugh complete and check the SB and BB. Flop 8s4h3d. Elaine leads out for 800 which Robert calls. The other 2 fold so now heads up. Turn Jh and Elaine Check/Calls a 2k bet from Robert. River 2c. Elaine checks and Robert throws out a brown 5k chip. She decides to muck and Robert shows AhAd.

15:02: Elaine McHugh limps for 400 UTG, Connor McGuile raises to 1.4k then from the BB Willie Elliot 3bets to 4.1k. Both Elaine and Connor fold.

15:00: Blinds up. Level 5 now.

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