25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight B - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th August 2014 @ 12:42


13:22: Here's the one and only Ali Ciftci from St. Andrews:

13:19: Michael Kemp has decided to go for the Fish 'n' Chips for lunch:

13:18: Re-entry for Louis Paxton:

13:38: Kemp's menu is down again as he plays another hand vs Dariusz. Michael's sizeable 6.6k river bet is not called and he drags it in.

13:05: 43 players now. Ice cream cones on the menu £1 each by the way.

13:03: Kemp now involved a bit. He bluffed 2.8k on the River with a missed straight draw and got Shaun Rutter to fold his bottom pair bottom kicker (32o).

13:01: Michael Kemp here on Table 1 but he's spending more time examining the menu than playing poker at the moment. He has a very long list of things he does not like so it's taking him a while to decide on what to have for lunch.

12:58: First exit of the day and it's...............Louis Paxton.

12:57: Shaun Rutter opened to 400 on Table 1 there and was called by Dariusz Bulak in the SB. The flop was Qd7d7h. Check/Check. Turn Qs. Check/Check. River 8s and Dariusz bets out. Shaun raises and Dariusz makes the call. Shaun shows QJ for a slow-played full house and wins.

12:47: Lloyd Jack and Hay Elbakoush:

12:46: Neil Feenan, also a PokerInEdinburgh.com satellite raffle winner, looking a bit confused:

12:45: Aberdeen leg final tablist, Stuart Wilson:

12:44: Here is Edinburgh's Cash Game Player of the Year 2012, Louis Paxton:

12:43: Blinds up! No eliminations yet and we have 44 players. You still have till 2.15pm to come down and play in Flight B.

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