25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight B - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th August 2014 @ 18:52


19:40: Flight B all over. Chip counts coming a bit later.

19:35: Lewis Fowler confirmed in the building!

19:34: Last 4 hands of Flight B in progress then we'll bag up the chips. Flight C starting in 10 minutes.

19:33: Neil Feenan knocked out by Willie Elliot. Not sure how it went down but Neil had AA and Willie look embarassed...

19:32: Another 2 flips ran. Flip mad here at the moment.

19:23: Next flip won by.....Ben MacLeod!

19:20: Our second £20 flip has just been won by........Daniel Lou. Third one about to run!

19:19: Down to 18 now on 2 tables.

19:14: Dirty one on Table 3......Sharon Gow all in preflop with AA vs Dany Coll's JJ. Flop AQ6. Turn T. River.............King! Dany makes a straight to send Sharon home!

19:04: Dariusz Bulak out.

18:59: A win there for Morag Lawson vs Willie Elliot. Willie opened for 3.5k preflop and Morag called from the BB. Flop Ac9h7d. Morag leads into Willie for 4k. He called. Turn 6s. Morag bets 4k again. Willie calls. River Th. Morag bets 12k this time. Willie doesn't look happy but calls declaring two pair. Morag has a straight though (A8) and drags in the chippies.

18:55: Last level of Flight B commencing. 21 left out of 57.

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