25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight B - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th August 2014 @ 11:51


12:40: Here is Marc Sloan. He was lucky enough to win a £30 satelllite raffle for his seat on PokerInEdinburgh.com this week.

12:39: William Hanratty, Finley Hall, Peter Alder and Joe Hamilton on Table 6:

12:38: Hay Elbakoush, Louis Paxton, Derek Thomson and Brian Fleming at Table 5:

12:37: Allan Kettles, Stewart Hay, Sharon Gow, Stuart Wilson and Gordon Anderson at Table 4:

12:36: Brent Burnett arrived and back in action. He played yesterday but didn't make it through.

12:34: David Ho, Steven Cilbert, Barry McQueen, Sami Saleh and Neil Feenan at Table 3:

12:33: Todd Cairns, Connor McGuile, Dariusz Bulak and Robert Franks at Table 1:

12:26: Joe H tells me he got Aces first hand but didn't get any action and just won the blinds.

12:18: Joe Hamilton arrived and firing his 3rd bullet for the event. Gordon Anderson also entered.

12:13: £20 flips for seats wll be running all day in the poker room so if you still don't have a ticket come on down and have a pop.

12:09: A couple of players that busted from Flight A yesterday showed up trying to getting put straight into Day 2. They had apparently complained to UEFA about an illegible player taking part. TD John Manize sent them packing though, don't worry.

12:07: Here are the players involved so far:

12:00: Starting now with 28 players. Late registration for this afternoon will be 2.15pm. We also have the third and final flight at 7.45pm.

11:56: Dundee has one of my favourite poker rooms. It even has windows! I can see them from my hotel room right next door:

11:51: Flight B will commence in about 10 minutes.

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