25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight A - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th August 2014 @ 1:01


01:50: Paddy Doonan's dinner. Plenty of broon sauce.

01:48: Lewis Coffin has some new specs:

01:40: Steven O'Hara finally out! He shoved blind (62o) and couldn't suck out vs TT. 26 left now.

01:37: Amit Patni out with AT vs KA all in preflop. Down to 27. Breaking down to 3 tables. About 55 minutes left to play tonight.

01:35: Steven O'Hara now as about 4.5k and manges to find a fold this time.

01:34: Steven all in blind next hand one more time for 3.2k. This time he's found AK and is against another AK and an AQ. He has incrased his stack a bit. Fully expect another all in next hand. Stephen Pollard eliminated with the AQ.

01:33: Steven all in again next hand with J2 vs QT and gets there with a Deuce. He is now back to about 3k from just 100.

01:32: Steven amazingly wins a 700 pot next hand with T3 vs 77.

01:31: Double up for Penny with AA vs Steven O'Hara's Kh8h flush draw on the flop. Steven is down to 1 single 100 ante chip!

01:18: Penny wins a nice pot there vs Scott Maxwell. Looks like she rivered a Broadway Straight with JT. A bad spell for Scott as he also recently lost a race with AQ vs 88 all in preflop.

01:12: Updates from Ewan Brown and Gregor Deas, both on the up.

01:10: Here are the biggest stacks:

David Bisset 135k
Paddy Doonan 130k
Ian Wright 130k
Gregor Deas 129k
David Weeks 115k
Lewis Coffin 109k
Graeme Black 108k

01:00: 15 minute break. 31 left out of 72. 2 more 40 minute levels to play tonight.

9th August 2014 @ 1:41
9th August 2014 @ 1:42
Who shall I say I saying it?
9th August 2014 @ 1:43
ICaughtStevieRossBluffingOnce P.S. TY FOR BLOG
9th August 2014 @ 1:46
He says Thanks. Seems slightly confused but suspects you may be.....Martin Sutcliffe.
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