25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight A - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th August 2014 @ 0:18


01:00: Break now.

00:55: Ian Wright's stack:

00:49: Jim Black out. 31 left.

00:46: 3 railbirds discussing their bad luck:

00:40: John Lynch and Ross Shane Jan out. Down to 34.

00:35: Down to 36 players on 4 tables now. We have another break in 22 minutes then 2 more 40 minute levels will be played.

00:32: Steven Martin (AsAx) sent packing by Ian Wright (3s2s). Steve had raised UTG and Ian called from the BB after another couple of players in front of him did the same. The flop came all Spades and they got it all in after Ian check/raised. An Ace hit the Turn to give Steve even more outs but he couldn't get there and is now chatting to his pal Scott Maxwell on Table 1.

00:28: 37 players remaining from the 72 that started Flight A.

00:23: John Collier (left, in the black) out. He got about 7.5k all in preflop with 9s6s vs Steven O'Hara's (right, in the checked shirt) AT and couldn't get there.

00:22: Conor Ogg out.

00:19: Level 8 just started.

9th August 2014 @ 0:34
Wayne grieve
Is boaby harden still in
9th August 2014 @ 0:36
Nah, he busted over an hour ago. Currently playing cash I think. Ian Wright doing well though.
9th August 2014 @ 0:46
Wayne Grieve
Who chip. Leader
9th August 2014 @ 0:54
Ian probably.
9th August 2014 @ 1:14
Stacks: David Bisset 135k Paddy Doonan 130k Ian Wright 130k Gregor Deas 129k David Weeks 115k Lewis Coffin 109k Graeme Black 108k
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