25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight A - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 8th August 2014 @ 23:35


00:17: Blinds going up.

00:14: Leon opens for 1.8k in early position. Called by Daniel Ruminski in the BB. Flop KhQc4d. Check/Check. Turn 7c. Daniel checks and Leon bets. It's good enough and he takes it down.

00:09: The current Table 1 line up:

00:08: Old Skool Dundee player Bob Adams. Look! No hands!

00:04: Kevin Wallace eliminated by Ian Wright. They got it all in on the 9d5x4d flop with 9c4c for Kevin and 5d3d for Ian. He manged to back door a full house when it came 5 then 3.

00:02: Amit Patni and Daniel McKillop on Table 5. Cheer up guys.

00:01: Gary Gracey wins a decent pot from Ian Wright there on Table 3. Didn't catch the action.

23:47: Stuart Wilson wishes Ian Wright good luck:

23:45: Update from Ewan Brown:

23:41: It ain't easy bein' Deasy. Gregor Deas:

23:40: Ian Wright building a nice stack:

23:39: Ben MacLeod chilling out:

23:38: Barry Geekie in action:

23:37: Here are some of the bigger stacks from around the room. 44 remaining from 72 in Flight A.

David Weeks 125k
Paul Anderson 98k
David Bisset 92k
Ian Wright 81k
Lewis Coffin 75k
Ross Shane Jan 73k
John Pullar 73k
Scott Maxwell 66k
Paddy Doonan 65k
Barrie Geekie 57k
Daryl Benton 50k
Leon Sarandis 42k
Shaz Sardar 42k
John Lynch 40k

23:36: Players back from break. Here we go!

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