25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight A - Level 6 (600/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 8th August 2014 @ 22:39


23:21: Jake Hughes on the short stack at the moment:

23:19: Nehme Al Asmar:

23:10: Boaby Jardine also out. Down to 47. There will be another 15 minute break in 10 minutes. Will get some chip counts then.

23:09: Cash games on offer tonight:

£10 min - £100 max 25p/50p blinds ( Full )
£10 min - £100 max 25p/50p blinds ( 6 Seats )
£20 min - £200 max 50p/£1 blinds ( 1 Seat )
£20 min - Dealers Choice ( 2 Players Waiting )

Tables are open until 7am

23:06: Paul "Black Flash" Gupta out.

23:05: 49 players left.

23:04: Penny says to her tablemates that she is not showing any more cards as she is being too friendly.

23:02: Steve Martin opens to 1.3k from mid-position and is called by Saleem Shakari in the SB and Paddy Doonan in the BB. Flop Th6s2c. Saleem bets it and Paddy raises. Steve gets away and Saleem shoves all in. Paddy quickly folds though.

22:54: Alex Ferguson out! He 4bet jammed pre-flop for about 16k with A2 suited vs Scott Maxwell's AK. Scott held up and sent Alex to the rail.

22:50: No callers for Scott and he takes down the pot:

22:49: Scott Maxwell (right) all in vs Alex Ferguson (left) and Penny Malik.....

22:42: Penny winning a good few pots on Table 1. She's winning the table talk war at the moment too!

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