The 25/25 Series Edinburgh starts tonight at 7pm! It's a £200+£20 freezeout with a £25,000 unconditional guarantee. 25k starting stack with 40 minute levels on Day 1 and 45 minute on Day 2. Fully dealer dealt. Late registration will be 9.15pm tonight.

There are 3 starting flights, 1 per day:
Flight A @ 7pm, Thursday 9th October
Flight B @ 7pm, Friday 10th October
Flight C @ 1pm, Saturday 11th October

Each starting Flight will play 10 levels and will last approx 7.5 hours. This includes 3 x 15 min breaks.

Re-entry (up till end of Level 3 plus the 15 min break) is allowed once in each Flight so that's 6 entries maximum per player.

The final day on Sunday starts at 1pm and is played to a conclusion.

25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight A - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 8th August 2014 @ 21:06


21:56: Alex Ferguson happy that he is over the starting stack for the first time tonight.

21:54: Penny Malik open limps for 300, Scott Townshend makes it 1.1k from the Button and Alex Ferguson 3bets to 2.9k from the BB. Penny folds and Scott shoves all in for 7.4k total. Alex calls quickly and shows QQ. He is against Scott's 44. The Ladies hold and Scott is eliminated. Penny would have flopped quads with 66 if she had called.

21:51: Double up for local boy Sunny Rehilu with AcKc vs 7c6c. Both made a flush but Sunny's was just that little bit better. The last of the money went in when Sunny check/called Niall Fraser's all in on the River. Sunny didn't have a huge stack so the double was well-timed.

21:48: Probable chip leader David Weeks:

21:43: Old pals Leon Sarandis and Penny Malik side by side as always:

21:41: Scott Townshend's stack contains 4 chips currently (8k total):

21:37: Murray Angus out. 62 remain.

21:33: Gregor Deas finding other things to amuse himself with at the table:

21:31: Ian Noble out. AK vs 55 all in preflop and couldn't get there.

21:28: Ewan Brown, our Edinburgh leg winner from Season 1, is in tonight but not having any luck so far:

21:15: David Weeks looks like the chip leader so far. I heard that he won them in a huge pot vs Niall Fraser. Niall had raised to 400 which David 3bet to 2.1k. Niall called out of position for heads up. The Flop was something like 974 with 2 Hearts. When Niall checked David shoved all in for a massive 43.6k! Niall made the big call with JhTh (flush draw and gutshot). He had David covered. David tabled JJ and it managed to hold up!

21:06: On a break at the moment. Level 4 will start back around 21:20.

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