25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight A - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 8th August 2014 @ 20:21


21:03: On a 15 minute break now. Currently 71 players. Still till the end of the break to register.

21:02: Penny Malik and Leon Sarandis both enjoying the live blog at the table:

20:59: Someone tweet something #2525dundee please. Tumbleweed on there at the moment.

20:56: 7 minutes to go of Level 3 then we have a 15 minute break. You have until the end of that break to register tonight. Don't worry though, we have 2 more flights tomorrow at 12pm and 7.45pm.

20:48: After some late entries and a few random moves we have a table filled with players from Aberdeen. Stevie Nicol, Boaby Jardine, Ian Wright, Andrew Harrison and Alex Ferguson. I'm sure it will a quiet one...

20:39: Team Aberdeen has arrived. Alex Ferguson buying in now. Ian Wright behind him.

20:33: Frank Benzies on Table 6:

20:32: If you are using Twitter please tweet some updates using the #2525dundee hashtag. Thanks!

20:31: Gary Bertram is back at the desk and has re-entered. Go on son.

20:30: Now up to 67 players. Come on down and join the fun!

20:29: Gary Betram out from Table 3 in a Flush over Flush situation. He said he's going to re-enter but think he's gone to have a word with himself outside the card room first.

20:27: Robert Franks and Mary Paton on Table 2:

20:26: 3 serious-looking players on Table 7:

20:25: Looks like Joe Hamilton is re-entering. Also late-registering are local heroes John Lynch and Sunny Rehilu.

20:24: Paddy Doonan:

20:23: Just starting Level 3 now. You have until around 9.15pm at the latest to register tonight.

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