25/25 Series Dundee II - Flight A - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 8th August 2014 @ 18:14


19:42: On Table 2 Conor Ogg opens to 300 and is immediately 3bet to 600 by Ian Noble to his immediate left with position. Conor calls for heads up. Flop Qd4s3h. Both players check. Turn Ac. Both players check again! River Ts. Conor bets 500. Ian Raises to 1.5k. After thinking it over Conor calls and tables KQ for second pair. It's good as Ian had 77.

19:36: Up to 61 players so far. 5 minutes left in Level 1. You can get in until the end of Level 3 plus the break.

19:33: On Table 1 Leon Sarandis limps for 100 and Graham Williams limps along on the Button. SB and BB (Daniel Ruminski) check. Flop KdThTs. Leon bets 300 which is called by Graham and Daniel. Turn 7h. Leon bets 600. Graham calls. Daniel calls. River 2h. All 3 players check and Leon wins with Ah9h Nut Flush! Looks like he wanted Graham to bet. Graham just had K8o.

19:24: Here is Table 1. I'm sitting next to it so will try to report some hands as the night progresses:

19:21: Graham Williams also out early. Both him and Nehme Al Asmar have re-entered though.

19:14: Lost our first player after 15 minutes! It was 25/25 regular Nehme Al Asmar. Eliminated by Kevin Wallace. Table chat indicates they were all in on the Turn on a J82-9 board with 2 Spades. Kevin had JsTs vs Nehme's 82o. Kevin hit a Ten on the River for a bigger two pair and took it down.

19:13: Nice weather for Fifers:

19:08: 45 players now:

19:04: Table draw at the start. Now up to 43 players.

19:00: And we're off! Flight A has begun.

18:43: Will there be a Dundee Chop on Sunday night? Only time will tell.

18:38: Thinking of packing in the blog and buying in myself...

18:25: Here are the chip denominations:

18:18: Here is the Light Bite Menu on offer to players during the tournament:

18:15: Flight A will kick off in about 45 minutes!

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