25/25 Series Merchant City II - Final Table - Level 26 (30000/60000/6000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd June 2014 @ 1:26


02:02: Charlie folds his button.

02:01: Craig makes it 125k and gets no resistance this time.

02:00: Charlie folds his button.

01:54: Craig makes it 125k. Charlie calls. Flop JhTd5h. Craig cbets 150k, Charlie raises to 300k. Craig calls. Turn 7s. Charlie fires a huge 800k bet. Craig folds with a flush draw and Charlie shows 55 for another set of 5s! He plays them strong I'll give him that.

01:53: Latest counts in this epic heads up battle:

Charlie Cheung 2.3m
Craig Smith 2.5m

01:52: Craig open folds his button.

01:51: Charlie raises to 125k on the button. Craig calls. Flop Kh7s5c. Charlie bets about 250k and takes it.

01:50: Charlie proposes a chop but it's immediately declined by Craig.

01:49: Craig makes it 125k and Charlie calls again. Flop AcKh2s. Craig's cbet once again does the business.

01:48: Charlie folds his button.

01:47: Craig makes it 125k. Charlie calls. Flop 4c4s2s. Craig's cbet does the job.

01:45: Charlie raises to 130k on the button and takes it.

01:44: Charlie limps the button again. Craig checks. Flop 6h2c2d. Craig checks and Charlie bets 200k. It's enough.

01:43: Dany Coll keen for Craig to TID:

01:42: Charlie limps the button. Craig makes it 180k. Charlie folds.

01:39: Craig opens to 125k, Charlie 3bets to 310k. Craig calls. Flop Kh5c2h. Charlie shoves all in for 1.2m. Craig snap folds and Charlie shows 55 for middle set!

01:38: Charlie makes it 180k on the button. Craig folds. Charlie shows 53o.

01:37: Craig opens 125k and Charlie calls. FLop KsJd4c. Craig wins with a cbet.

01:32: Craig makes it 125k on the button, Charlie calls. Flop Kc3h2s. Charlie leads into Craig for 250k. Craig folds. Charlie shows the 5c.

01:27: Approx stacks:

Charlie Cheung 1.9m
Craig Smith 2.8m

01:26: Craig makes it 120k on the button. Charlie 3bets and takes it.

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