25/25 Series Merchant City II - Final Table - Level 25 (25000/50000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd June 2014 @ 0:12


01:23: Craig opens the button for 100k, Charlie 3bets to 300k, Craig calls. Flop Js5s2s. Charlie checks, Craig bets 325k. Charlie folds.

01:18: Charlie limps the button. Craig checks. Flop KcTh2s. Craig fires 75k, Charlie raises to 150k, Craig calls. Turn 4h. Craig checks. Charlie bets 200k. Craig calls. River 7d. Craig checks. Charlie shoves all in. Craig tank/calls showing K3 for top pair. Charlie has K2 for a flopped two pair and doubles up!

01:17: Craig opens the button for 100k. Charlie calls. Flop Ks2d2h. Check/Check. Turn 9h. Check/Check. River 8d. Charlie bets 100k. Craig folds.

01:16: Charlie just got a pot back though. A little over a million I think.

01:14: Charlie been grinded down a bit to around 700k so far. Craig 4 million.

01:13: Here are the heads up combatants:

01:05: Craig Smith and Charlie Cheung now basically playing heads up for £3,790. They have £7,220 locked up and the winner will get £11,010.

01:03: Craig opens the button to 100k, Charlie 3bets to 225k. Craig folds.

01:00: Approx chip counts heads up:

Charlie Cheung 1.65m
Craig Smith 3.1m

00:53: Just lost Paul Fallon in 3rd place for £4,520. He shoved Q6 from the SB into Charlie. He asked for a count before committing his chips with.....KK. It held up and Paul was sent home abeit with a respectable haul.

00:52: Short stack Paul proposes a 3-way even chop in jest. Not accepted.

00:49: Craig opens for 100k on the button. Charlie calls from the BB. Flop Qd8d3c. Craig's cbet gets it done.

00:48: A walk for short stack Paul in the BB.

00:46: Charlie takes a 700k pot from Craig with a Straight.

00:45: Approx counts now 3 handed:

Paul Fallon 300k
Charlie Cheung 1.2m
Craig Smith 3.2m

00:40: It's K7 (Craig) vs A7 (Steven G). The board comes King High and Craig takes out Steven in 4th for £2,960!

00:36: Craig shoves from the SB into Steven G. He calls!

00:34: Craig opens the button for 100k. No contest.

00:33: Steven G open ships and takes it down.

00:31: Paul makes it 100k from the SB. Charlie calls. Flop Jc8c7d. Check/Check. Turn As. Charlie bets 50k, Paul folds. Charlie shows A6.

00:28: Charlie starts off limping the button for 50k. Craig makes it 150k from the SB. Charlie calls. Flop Ac9h3c. Craig bets 150k. Charlie raises to about 400k. Craig quickly folds. Charlie slams down AsJs.

00:25: Here are the 4 stacks:

00:15: Latest chip counts:

Steven Gray 650k
Paul Fallon 550k
Charlie Cheung 1m
Craig Smith 2.5m

00:12: Break now.

23rd June 2014 @ 0:32
Wayne grieve
Keep the up date's coming martin good job .a bit more hand cover if pos
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