25/25 Series Merchant City II - Final Table - Level 24 (20000/40000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 23:24


00:11: On a break now. Back in 15.

00:02: Charlie limps 40k. Steven G makes it 150k from the SB. Charlie calls. Flop AhQdTs. Steven checks. Charlie bets about 300k. Steven folds. Charlie shows KQ.

00:01: Pauls shoves the button and takes it down.

23:57: Charlie limps for 40k UTG. The blinds complete and check. Flop AsKs5d. Charlie wins it with a bet. He knows 77.

23:54: Steven Gray opens to 80k on the button. Wins.

23:46: Charlie limped the button again (this time with AK). The blinds completed and checked. It came down KJx. The Turn was another King. Steven G and Charlie got it all in then. Steven had J9 and was drawing dead. Double up for the shortest stack Charlie. He celebrated in his customary style:

23:45: Walk for Craig.

23:44: Paul ships from the SB into Charlie (Paul has the bigger stack). Charlie folds it.

23:43: No caller.

23:42: Charlie open shoves all in theatrically and stands up....

23:40: Charlie limps the button for 40k. Steven G shoves from the BB after Craig folded the SB. Charlie folds and lives to limp another day.

23:39: Steven G opens fro 80k UTG. Gets it through.

23:37: Approximate counts 4 handed:

Steven Gray 1m
Paul Fallon 750k
Charlie Cheung 450k
Craig Smith 2.5m

23:35: Here's a reminder of the cashers so far plus the 4 remaining prizes:

1 £11,010
2 £7,220
3 £4,520
4 £2,960
5 £2,050 Todd Cairns
6 £1,490 Jamie Geraghty
7 £1,210 Steven Turner
8 £1,030 Boaby Jardine
9 £870 Billy Mundh
10 £720 John McDermott
11 £610 Nehme Al Asmar
12 £610 Richard Goldberg
13 £530 Alan Rennie
14 £530 Keith Christie
15 £460 Jonny Gray
16 £460 Paul Corrigan
17 £460 Gordon Happer
18 £420 Chris Wilson
19 £420 Mark Dolan
20 £420 Steve Demarco

23:33: It's Craig's JJ vs Todd's 99. The Jocks hold up and Craig takes Todd out and another big stack boost. Todd 6th for £2,050.

23:31: Craig opens to 80k, Todd 3bets 190k. Craig 4bets to 370k. Todd shoves all in and Craig snap calls!

23:28: Jamie Geraghty out in 6th for £1,490. He shoved his shortie with T4 and couldn't get there vs Todd's A8. Players locked up £2,050 now. 5 left.

23:26: Jamie shoves all in (Ad8d) and Steven G calls with 88. Steven's hand holds up and he doubles his 440k stack up. Jamie down to about 125k so very short now.

23:24: Blinds up.

22nd June 2014 @ 23:38
Aye, still enjoying the coverage!
23rd June 2014 @ 0:00
23rd June 2014 @ 0:02
Done a great martin some more pictures wood b better 2 . See u soon i hope.
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