25/25 Series Merchant City II - Final Table - Level 23 (15000/30000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 22:40


23:23: Todd opens to 60k. Craig 3bets from the SB and takes it down.

23:22: Anyone still reading this? Add a comment so I don't feel so lonely. Cheers.

23:21: Steven G opens shoves UTG. No action.

23:18: Paul opens for 65k on the button. Jamie calls from the SB. Heads up. Flop As9h3s. Jamie checks. Paul bets 75k. Jamie folds.

23:10: Craig sits a hand out and lets Todd open to 60k. Wins it.

23:09: Not one to give up Craig opens to 60k again. This time he gets no contest.

23:08: Craig opens to 60k. Todd shoves all in from the SB. Craig folds.

23:07: Paul opens to 65k, takes the blinds and antes.

23:03: Jamie open ships the button for 349k. Craig calls from the BB and shows KJ. Jamie has 66 and it's a race. The flop has a Six and Jamie doubles through the chip leader.

22:59: Here are the last 6 from the 190 that began:

22:58: Craig opens for 60k again. He wins this one though.

22:56: Craig opens the button for 60k. Todd shoves all in from the BB. Craig.........folds.

22:55: Craig makes it 75k from the SB and Steven G shoves all in for 329k. Craig...........folds.

22:54: Steven G open shoves all in. No callers.

22:53: Craig opens to 60k UTG. Jamie shoves all in. Craig.........folds.

22:52: Paul shoves all in from the SB to Jamie's BB and..........takes it down.

22:50: Raise and TID for Craig.

22:49: Charlie limps in and the blinds come along. Charlie wins it with a bet on the flop.

22:48: Jamie open shoves again. No callers.

22:44: Very rough counts from a visual inspection only. Just to give a general idea how everyone is doing.

Steven Gray 430k
Todd Cairns 450k
Paul Fallon 750k
Jamie Geraghty 400k
Charlie Cheung 500k
Craig Smith 2m

22:43: Craig opens to 60k. Takes it.

22:42: Jamie open shoves all in for about 320k. Drags in the pot.

22:41: Craig opens to 60k, Todd shoves all in and wins it.

22nd June 2014 @ 23:25
Stuart Wilson
Keep the updates coming Martin, stern work !! - c'mon Steve "Horsebox" Gray !!
22nd June 2014 @ 23:29
Keep the typeing.going. Nice.1.
22nd June 2014 @ 23:32
Great job Martin :-) Looks like nobody wants to go home yet, it's been a long time for 6 handed!!tell them to hurry up.we need to go to bed :-)
22nd June 2014 @ 23:32
Yeh atill reading bud. Thanks for update
22nd June 2014 @ 23:35
Thanks guys
22nd June 2014 @ 23:40
gordon wood
Still here glad that ratman never got decent cash the donkey
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