25/25 Series Merchant City II - Final Table - Level 22 (12000/24000/2500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 21:43


22:37: Todd opens to 50k. Wins.

22:36: Craig opens for 50k and Steven G shoves all in for about 400k. Craig folds.

22:31: Double up for Steven Gray with QQ (199k) in the SB vs Todd's KJ in the BB.

22:29: Jamie folds! It looks like it was about 150-200k more for him to call but he let it go.

22:26: Jamie opens to 50k. Charlie 3bets to 100k on the button. Jamie 4bets to 210k. Charlie then 5bet shoves. Jamie in the tank at the moment...

22:25: Todd opens to 50k UTG+1. Jamie 3bets to 107k from the button. Todd folds.

22:21: Craig Smith now has about 2 million of the 4.75 million chips in play 6 handed.

22:19: Here's a reminder of the payouts so far and remaining prizes:

1 £11,010
2 £7,220
3 £4,520
4 £2,960
5 £2,050
6 £1,490
7 £1,210 Steven Turner
8 £1,030 Boaby Jardine
9 £870 Billy Mundh
10 £720 John McDermott
11 £610 Nehme Al Asmar
12 £610 Richard Goldberg
13 £530 Alan Rennie
14 £530 Keith Christie
15 £460 Jonny Gray
16 £460 Paul Corrigan
17 £460 Gordon Happer
18 £420 Chris Wilson
19 £420 Mark Dolan
20 £420 Steve Demarco

22:18: Steven Turner all in with A3 vs Paul's AT and he goes out in 7th for 7 £1,210.

22:14: Steven T all in for 7.5k and he doubles up!

22:02: Craig makes it 50k from the cutoff. Steven T calls on the button. Todd also calls from the BB. 3 way. Flop Tc8s3c. Todd checks. Craig bets 75k. Steven T raises to 175k. Todd folds. Craig calls. Turn 2c. Craig checks. Steven G bets 185k. Craig calls. River Jd. Craig checks. Steven T thinks for a long time then shoves all in. Craig calls. It's Jc6c (flush) for Craig and a set of 3s for Steven. Craig has 547k still left in his stack and has doubled up. Steven T now is down to about 10k!

22:00: Todd opens to 48k UTG. Jamie calls in position. Heads up. Flop Ts9h5c. Todd bets 40k. Jamie calls. Turn 9s. Todd 65k. Jamie folds.

21:59: Paul Fallon takes one with KQ for 2nd pair. Jamie had KJ but Paul's kicker played.

21:55: First blood to Craig after the break. Charlie tried to bluff 50k on the river but it didn't work out.

21:51: Chip counts for the last 7 players. All have locked up £1,210. 1st will get £11,010.

Steven Gray 270k
Todd Cairns 635k
Paul Fallon 700k
Jamie Geraghty 690k
Charlie Cheung 600k
Craig Smith 840k
Steven Turner 1m

21:43: Players on a break.

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