25/25 Series Merchant City II - Final Table - Level 21 (10000/20000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 20:55


21:38: Steven T opens and Charlie calls. Flop Ts8d4c. Charlie fires out 100k into Steven who then makes it 225k. Charlie calls (after a link think). Turn 9d. Charlie shoves all in for 320k. Steven doesn't seem to like it but he calls. He shows AT. Charlies shows......AT. It's a chop. On a break now.

21:30: Break in 6 mins. Will get chip counts from the last 7.

21:24: Steven T opens for 40k. Boaby calls (with only 1 x 500 chip behind!) and Charlie also calls from the BB. Kd9h3c. Charlie fires out 100k and Steven folds. He has KQ. Boaby is in bad shape with J2 and doesn't improve. He's out in 8th for £1,030.

21:20: Steven T opens for 40k. Steven G 3bets to 95k. ST then 4bets to 197k. SG shoves all in and ST calls. KK for Turner and JJ for Gray. The KK holds and it's a monster double of Turner's 416k stack.

21:14: Todd opens the button for 40k. Boaby shoves all in from the SB. Paul then also shoves from the BB. Todd gets out the way and it's Boaby's K2 vs Paul's AJ. The AJ holds and Paul doubles his 335k stack. Boaby now has around 40k left!

21:13: Boaby opens for 45k UTG. Wins it.

21:08: Jamie opens to 40k from the cutoff. Steven T calls from the BB. Flop Jh9d6s. Check/Check. Turn Js. Steven bets 48k. Jamie calls. Turn 5c. Steven bets 85k.  Jamie folds.

21:06: Todd opens to 40k again. Jamie calls from the button. Craig also calls from the BB. 3 way. Flop Th9s4s. Check around. Turn 7h. Check around. River Kc. Check around and Jamie wins with Kd8d for top pair.

21:04: Todd opens for 40k in the Hijack. Charlie calls from the BB. Flop QcTd4s. Charlie checks. Todd bets 30k. Charlie says Goodbye.

21:03: Boaby open ships the button. No call.

21:01: Jamie opens to 40k UTG. Boaby calls from the SB. Flop 5c3c3d. Boaby checks. Jamie bets 56k. Boaby folds. Charlie curses his luck saying he would have flopped a full house :-(

20:55: Steven G opens the Button to 40k. Todd 3bets but Steven 4bets all in. Todd folds.

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