25/25 Series Merchant City II - Final Table - Level 20 (8000/16000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 20:09


20:53: Steven G opens UTG and takes it down.

20:49: Todd opens 32k, Paul Fallon shoves all in for 320k. Todd lets it go.

20:45: Charlie limps again UTG which encourages Craig, Steven G and Todd as well! Paul folds the SB and Jamie checks the BB. Flop AhJhJd and it checks around. Turn 6h. Todd bets 40k which Craig calls. River 2c. Craig checks. Todd bets 56k. Craig calls. Todd has Qh9h for a flush and it's good.

20:41: Craig opens the Hijack and Boaby calls from the BB. Flop Th7h7c. Boaby check/calls a cbet. Turn 8c. Boaby leads for 60k. Craig calls. River 4d. Boaby fires 210k. Craig calls immediately and shows 8d7d for a full house. It was good.

20:35: Charlie limps the Hijack for 16k. Steven T comes along on the Button too. Steven G 3bets to 60k. Charlie calls and Steven T folds. Flop 7c5h4d. Steven G bets 68k. Charlie gets his trusty coin out again. It comes tails and he decides to fold.

20:34: Craig gives Steven T a walk.

20:28: Charlie opens for 35k UTG. Boaby 3bets to 85k from the Button. Charlie gets a coin out and tosses it on the table. He then shoves all in. Boaby calls with AQ. Charlie has..........Aces. They hold up for his double. He had 304k before the hand. I wonder if he would have folded if the coin toss went the wrong way?

20:23: Jamie opens for 32k. Craig calls in position. Heads up. Flop JcTh4h. Jamie bets 35k. Craig calls. Turn 6h. Jamie bets 45k. Craig calls. River 7d. Jamie bets 55k. Craig calls. Jamie shows JT for two pair and takes it.

20:22: Charlie limps for 12k and Steven T shoves. No call this time though.

20:16: Craig (left) opens to 32k from the button and Steven T (right) shoves from the BB for 157k. Craig calls with JT. Steven shows KT. It holds up and a much-needed double for Steven Turner.

20:12: Steven G opens to 35k UTG. Boaby calls in position. Steven T also calls. 3 handed. Flop KcTc7d. Both Stevens checks and Boaby takes it down with a bet.

20:11: Todd opens for 32k in mid-position. Jamie calls from the Button. Craig also calls from the BB. 3 handed. Flop JcJs8d. Craig checks. Todd bets 40k. Jamie folds. Craig folds. It's good.

20:09: Craig opens for 32k UTG. Charlie calls from the BB. Flop AhTh2h. Charlie leads for 40k. Craig folds. Charlie celebrates with a traditional fist pump.

22nd June 2014 @ 20:43
Wayne grieve
Boaby jardine take it down tell them ur the boss lil
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