25/25 Series Merchant City II - Final Table - Level 19 Part 2 (6000/12000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 19:04


20:06: Todd opens to 25k from the cutoff this time. Boaby 3bets to 54k from the button. Todd thinks for a while ends up folding.

20:04: Todd opens the button for 25k. Paul Fallon 3bets to 60k from the BB. Todd 4bets to 110k. Paul quickly folds.

20:01: Charlie limps in. Steven G raises to 31k. Charlie calls for heads up. Flop Qs8h2d. Charlie checks. Steven bets 30k. It's good enough; Charlie folds.

19:59: Raise and take it for Boaby.

19:58: Raise and take it for Craig.

19:57: Raise and take it for Steven G.

19:55: Raise and take it for Boaby.

19:49: Billy Mundh ships all in and Jamie G reshoves. It's QJo vs AA! The Flop comes AQJ and the Turn a Ten but no miracle for Billy and he's out in 9th for £870.

19:48: Steven T ships on the button and takes it down.

19:46: Jamie opens to 25k, Charlie calls in position. Heads up. Flop Jh7c6s. Jamie bets 35k and Charlie folds.

19:45: Todd Cairns opens for 25k and takes it down.

19:44: Steven T opens shoves UTG for 192k. Takes it down.

19:43: Craig's 88 is good as the river goes check/check. Charlie missed his flush draw.

19:41: Craig Smith and Charlie Cheung playing a pot here.

19:40: Steven Gray opens to 25k. Boaby J 3bets to 55k and which is enough to take it down.

19:37: Next pot to Steven Gray. Just a small one though.

19:36: First hand Charlie Cheung limps in for 12k and Steven Turner shoves all in for 158k. Charlie tank/folds showing AdTd.

19:34: The boys just before the FT:

19:25: Final table stacks and seating:

19:04: Players on a break before the FT starts at 7.30pm. Chip counts coming soon.

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