25/25 Series Merchant City II - Day 2 - Level 18 (6000/12000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 18:01


18:45: Boaby makes the call! He has AQ. Richard says "Good call" and shows A5. The river is a brick and Richard is out in 12th for £610.

18:44: Richard just shoved 286k over the top of Boaby's 75k turn bet. Board is 9c6h5h-Qd. Didn't catch the prior action. Boaby in the tank.

18:32: Alan "The Rat Man" Rennie out in 13th! Taken out by Craig Smith. Alan takes home £530. Craig now has around 1.1 million. We just have 4.75 million in play in total.

18:30: A couple of the biggest stacks:

18:25: Still 13 left here. Next out gets £530.

18:21: Just overheard Steven T say "You could have any two cards right here. You've got the widest range of anyone on the table" to Charlie Cheung. Charlie just said "Pardon?" and looked confused.

18:13: Double up for Craig Smith vs Alan Rennie. Craig now has about 700k and a big hit for Alan.

18:15: Steven Gray takes out 2 short stacks in the same hand. It was AA vs A9 vs T8. Jonny Gray 15th for £460 and Keith Christie 14th for £530.

18:08: Richard G opens to 25k in the cutoff. Jonny Gray shoves all in from the BB. Richard snap calls (he had 210k total) with 99. Jonny had AT. The flop came down Ace High and Richard was on his way with a shake of the head. That was until the Riviera brough a Nine for his set.

18:07: Steven T opens the next hand to 25k and takes down the blinds and antes.

18:05: Keith C opens for 25k UTG. Steven T shoves all in for 125k with 88. Keith calls with Ah9h. The 8s hold up for Steven's double. Keith in trouble now down to about 120k.

18:00: Blinds up. We have 15 left here from the 190 that started. The exits so far and remaining prizes are shown below:

1 £11,010
2 £7,220
3 £4,520
4 £2,960
5 £2,050
6 £1,490
7 £1,210
8 £1,030
9 £870
10 £720
11 £610
12 £610
13 £530
14 £530
15 £460
16 £460 Paul Corrigan
17 £460 Gordon Happer
18 £420 Chris Wilson
19 £420 Mark Dolan
20 £420 Steve Demarco

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