25/25 Series Merchant City II - Day 2 - Level 17 (5000/10000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 17:03


17:53: Paul Corrigan (left) out in 16th for £460. He shoved with A6, Todd Cairns (middle) called with A9 then Jamie Geraghty (right) reshoved for more with AK. Todd wasn't happy but he called the extra. The AK managed to hold up vs the other 2 and Paul was sent home. Todd still in as he had both covered.

17:39: Just eating ma dinner. Back soon.

17:36: Double up for Charlie Cheung. He celebrated with a fist pump and a cry of  "Yes". 16 left now. £460 locked up for all but the big money up top as always.

17:32: Another pot for Nehme. This time he knocks out Gordon Happer with KK vs 88. Gordon 17th for £460.

17:23: Double up for shortie Nehme on Table 4. He shoved with QQ and was called by Alan Rennie's 88. Both players hit sets on the flop but no one outer for The Rat Man this time.

17:20: Boaby J just picked off Jonny G's 25k river bluff with Ace High. Jonny just had Queen High.

17:18: Jonny Gray opens to 20k UTG and Richard shoves all in for about 119k. Jonny makes him sweat but ends up passing.

17:16: Boaby J opens to 20k from the cutoff. Steven Gray 3bets to 51k from the BB. Boaby folds.

17:14: Here we go! Started back. On Table 3 Steven Turner opens the first hand to 20.5k. Charlie Cheung 3bets from the BB to about 70k. It gets through.

17:03: On break now. 17 left. Here are the latest chip counts:

Table 3
Richard Goldberg 125k
Charlie Cheung 140k
Steven Gray 440k
Keith Christie 157k
Jonny Gray 485k
Steven Turner 190k
Billy Mundh 420k
Boaby Jardine 295k

Table 4
John McDermott 190k
Gordon Happer 71k
Paul Corrigan 200k
Todd Cairns 260k
Jamie Geraghty 70k
Paul Fallon 500k
Nehme Al Asmar 70k
Alan Rennie 730k
Craig Smith 265k

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