25/25 Series Merchant City II - Day 2 - Level 15 (3000/6000/600)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 15:19


16:05: Blinds going up.

16:00: Steven Gray makes it 14k from the SB. Keith calls from the BB. Flop AdQh9c. Steven bets 12.5k on the flop which is called. Turn Ah and it goes Check/Check. River Jc and Steven checks. Keith bets 35k. Steven tank/calls and gets the bad news as Keith shows A9 for a full house.

15:56: Keith Christie opens to 16k UTG+1. Steven Turner shoves alll in for about 130k. Keith folds. Charlie Cheung also considered calling from the BB but folded. He said "Goodbye" to his cards as he mucked them. Apparently he does this quite often.

15:53: Another hit for Boaby. Steven Turner shoved T8 from the SB and he called with AJ. Steven rivered a straight to stay alive.

15:48: Nehme Al Asmar stood up and proposed taking some money from the prize pool to pay 21st and 22nd places but a couple of players on another table quickly shot down the suggestion and we play on.

15:47: Double up for Richard Goldberg with AQ vs Boaby's A8 all in preflop. Richard started the hand with 67k.

15:46: Down to 22 now. One more elimination and we go hand for hand. 20 paid.

15:45: Adam MacKay also out on Table 3. Steven Gray did the damage.

15:44: Big one against the flow on Table 1 with a 3-way all in. Jonny Gray's QQ vs AK (Jonny Lynas) and Dean Lyall (TT). The Queens hold for the double elimination.

15:42: Marco limps the SB for 6k but Alan Rennie sticks an extra 50 or 60k on top. Marco folds. Alan shows 22.

15:41: Todd Cairns opens to 12k from the Button and wins it. All tables very cagey at the moment it seems.

15:39: Still on Table 4 Marco Ogan opens to 13k UTG and takes the pot without contest.

15:38: On Table 4 Alan Rennie opens for 22k in mid-position. Takes it down. He says "I had it that time" but then looks back at his cards and says "No, I didnae".

15:34: On Table 1 Jonny Gray wins a medium-sized pot vs Dean Lyall with a Flush.

15:32: Charlie Cheung opens for 20k. Gets no action. I'll go have a look at the other tables to see if there's more action there at the moment...

15:30: Steven Gray opens to 12k in the cutoff and gets it through.

15:29: Steven Turner's turn to open-ship this time. He also takes the blinds and antes.

15:26: Adam MacKay open-ships from mid-position and.....takes down the blinds and antes. The knockouts seem to be slowing down a bit now after a busy spell. 25 left. 20 paid.

15:23: Chis Wilson opens for 13k. Adam MacKay shoves all in for 50k. Chris calls. It's his A6 vs Adam's 33. The pair holds for his much-needed double up.

15:20: On Table 3 Keith Christie opens for 12k UTG+2. Adam MacKay calls from the Button for heads up. Flop Qc9d6s. Check/Check. Turn Kh. Keith bets 17k. Adam calls. River 7c. Keith fires 40k. Adam calls. Keith shows K8 for top pair and it's good. This was the last hand at 2k/4k/400 btw.

15:20: Blinds getting up there now. 3k/6k/600.

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