25/25 Series Merchant City II - Day 2 - Level 14 (2000/4000/400)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 14:22


15:19: Blinds going up shortly.

15:16: There are now 25 players left over 3 tables. Average stack 190k.

15:12: Ben Grant all in for 61k (99) there which was called by Mark Dolan (JJ) then Paul Fallon (TT) shoved all in for 128k. Mark called for the side pot after thinking it over. JJ vs TT vs 99. Paul was on his way home but sat back down when he spiked a Ten to take the whole pot and take Ben out. Mark is still alive.

15:01: Stuart Wilson cheering on his pals Boaby Jardine and Steven Gray:

14:59: Brian Johnstone, Paul Green and Alexander Tong out. 26 left. 20 paid.

14:54: Battle of the Grays on Table 2: Jonny vs Steven. Jonny gets the better of this round as his 60k river bet goes uncalled.

14:52: Double up for shortie Charlie Cheung set over set, his QQ vs Keith Christie's 66. Charlie has also acquireda Grosvenor balloon at the break:

14:48: Richard Goldberg been all in about 5 times since he's been back from break. No callers yet.

14:46: Back playing again. Here are the latest counts from all players:

Table 1
Nehme Al Asmar 29k
Chris Taylor 115k
Billy Mundh 240k
Dean Lyall 115k
Jonathan Lynas 125k
Brian Johnstone 20k
Marco Ogan 28k
Paul Corrigan 100k

Table 2
Steven Gray 240k
Gordon Happer 95k
Mark Dolan 270k
Ben Grant 140k
Richard Goldberg 50k
Jonny Gray 245k
Jamie Geraghty 140k

Table 3
Charlie Cheung 62k
Keith Christie 266k
Steve Demarco 154k
Christopher Wilson 247k
Steven Turner 78k
Adam Mackay 180k
Boaby Jardine 205k

Table 4
John McDermott 310k
Alexander Tong 85k
Todd Cairns  110k
Paul Green 50k
Paul Fallon  99k
Alan Rennie 750k
Craig Smith 210k

14:24: Chris Wilson run his stack up well so far:

14:23: On break now. Chip counts coming soon. 29 players left from the 190 that started. 20 places paid. £11k FTW.

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