Grant Cooper 225,400
Steve Martin 163,100
Robert Franks 125,300
John Lynch 98,100
Craig Cooper 79,000
Lloyd Jack 63,800
Marius Varanavicious 63,400
Gary Bertram 61,400
Todd Cairns 48,600
Andriy Myro 45,400
Stuart White 43,600

25/25 Series Merchant City II - Day 2 - Level 13 (1500/3000/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 13:29


14:17: Break now. Here is the chip leader Alan Rennie's stack. Full counts coming soon. He probably has about 700k and we have 4,750,000 in play in total.

14:07: Looks like Alan Rennie just took out Makka Hussain. The biggest pot of the tournament so far I would think. It was Makka's Ah5h vs Jd9d all in on the 9x4h2h. It bricked out and looked like Makka shipped about 250k over to The Rat Man. Clear chip leader now.

14:00: 17 minutes till the break then we'll get some counts for you. 30 left.

13:58: Team Dundee aka Team Busto:

13:57: I didn't notice but Dean Lyall finally showed up about 1.30pm, one and half hour's late!

13:53: FYI, I don't have an iPhone 5 charger. Must have been asked this about 20 times yesterday!

13:49: Andriy Shevi Myro out in 31st place. 99 vs Chris Wilson's QQ all in preflop.

13:47: Will get the chip counts at the first break which is in about 30 minutes. Boaby Jardine, who has a final table bet on, currently has about 290k.

13:41: Here are a few more of the remaining players:

Paul Green

Paul Fallon

Makka Hussain

Craig Smith

Chris Taylor

13:39: Ross Loggie out. 31 left.

13:36: Here is Alan "The Rat Man" Rennie with a very tasty-looking stack. He says he once took £40k in a pot from Ram Vaswani and Ram asked for his little fluffy rat as a souvenir.

13:31: Chris Thomson eliminated by Charlie Cheung. K8 vs KQ all in on a King High flop.

13:30: Ben Grant moving in the right direction:

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