25/25 Series Merchant City II - Day 2 - Level 12 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 12:49


13:23: Scott Maxwell out with 33 vs 88 all in preflop. 33 left now. 20 paid.

13:21: Double up next hand for Andriy though!

13:18: Big misclick by Andriy there on the flop vs Chris Wilson. Andriy meant to bet about 20k but picked up 4 x 10k chips instead betting well over the pot with only around 45k behind! Chris just called and another player folded. On the Turn Andriy check/folded to Chris' shove :-(

13:16: Double up for shortie Ben Grant with KK vs Kx on a King High board. Ben now has about 110k. Jamie Geraghty was his opponent but still has about 180k.

13:12: Keith Christie opens UTG to 6.2k. Andriy calls from the BB. Flop AdQd5s. Check/Check. Turn 9s. Andriy checks and Keith bets 10k which Andriy calls. River Jh. Andriy checks. Keith bets 25k. Andriy tank/calls and loses to AJ for two pair. Andriy down to about 85k now.

13:10: Boaby opens for 6.2k and Chris Thomson calls in position. Boaby cbets the AQ6 flop and takes it.

13:08: Enrico Frattaroli knocked out by Keith Christie. Dropping fast here . Now down to 35.

13:06: David Gillies now eliminated by Richard "The Dentist" Goldberg after Richard flopped a flush with KsTs.

13:03: Double up for Andriy. He called a raise from the BB with 6h2h and ended up getting paid with a turned flush from Chris Thomson. Boaby generously complimented Andriy on his preflop play.

13:01: Huge double up for John McDermott with KK vs David Gillies' AA. They got it all in on the raggy flop and John was half way out the door when a King hit the River! David down to about 55k. John now has around 275k.

12:58: On Table 3 Andriy Shevi Myro makes it 6.4k UTG. Boaby Jardine 3bets to 13k from the Button. Charlie Cheung calls from the BB. Andriy  also calls. Flop QcTc8s. It's Check/Check and Boaby bets 15k. Charlie folds, Andriy calls. Turn 9d. Andriy checks and Boaby also checks. River 8d. Andriy bets 25,200 and Boaby calls. Andriy declares he has a Ten but Boaby shows AQ and takes it down. Sticking the needle in Boaby says if Andriy bet 15k he would have folded!

12:56: Down to 45 players over 5 tables now.

12:51: Conor Ogg out. He got it all in with AK preflop vs Mark Dolan's AQ but couldn't hold. Conor gesticulating and shouting to the heavens on his way out the door.

12:50: Ian Swan out. Jamie Geraghty got his chips with KK vs a straight draw all in the flop.

12:49: Chris Wilson takes another one out. This time it was shortie Jim Kynoch. JJ vs 33 and it held up.

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