25/25 Series Merchant City II - Day 2 - Level 11 (1000/2000/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 22nd June 2014 @ 11:40


12:40: Aces for Andriy Shevi Myro vs Ian Swan's 55 all in preflop on Table 3. Ian stood up and was ready to go but 5 Spades hit the board for the chop!

12:37: Paul McTaggart out! I got it second hand but I believe he had AsQs vs KK. The flop came KsJsJx then he hit a flush on the turn. His Royal Flush one outer did not arrive on the River. Chris Wilson was the man with the Kings.

12:33: On Table 3 Andriy Shevi Myro limps in for 2k then Steve Demarco makes it 6k from the cutoff. Jamie Geraghty chooses to 3bet to 15,600 from the BB. Andriy folds. Steve calls. Flop 8d5c3d. Check/Check. Turn 2c. Jamie bets 16k. Steve thinks for a long time but folds.

12:32: Ben Grant happy to still be alive:

12:30: Ian Livingston out.

12:27: David Gillies has found a bit of form recently. After coming 2nd in the last 25/25 Series event here at the Merchant City for £8,100 here then finished 8th at GUKPT Edinburgh for £2,700.

12:23: Decent pot there for David Gillies vs Scott Maxwell. Both riverered a Flush but it was the but flush for David and 8 High for Scott. Looks like Scott down to about 75k. He started the day with 112k.

12:21: Hearts fan Chris Wilson is a bit hungover but still confident of going deep:

12:17: On Table 2 Ben Grant limps in for 2k UTG+2. John McDermott calls from the SB and Scott Maxwell checks the BB. Flop Kc6s5h. John checks, Scott bets 4.2k, Ben calls, John folds. Heads up. Turn 9d. Check/Check. River 6h. Scott bets 8.3k. Ben raises to 23k. Scott folds immediately.

12:15: Just 1 player missing now --> Dean Lyall. Surprising as he's usually so reliable and turns on right on time...

12:13: First exit --> Amit Patni from Table 1. He started the day with just 43,600.

12:12: A reminder of the chip denominations to help with any stack pics today:

12:07: Good luck wishes to all from Merchant City regular Paul Fallon:

12:03: Andriy Shevi Myro has ordered 2 pints of coke. Apparently he needs some rapid rehydration after last night.

12:02: We are under way. 6 players are missing from Table 2. Get a move on, lads!

11:58: Players taking their seats now:

11:46: Here are the prizes for the final 20 players. We have 50 remaining from the 190 that started. £11,010 for the eventual winner!

11:41: We'll be starting Day 2 at 12pm. Here is the seat draw:

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