Daniel Coll 213900
Tim Siddall 146700
Jonathan Mcritchie 118200
David Ho 109400
Willie Elliot 97900
David Ballantine 85700
Rami Saleh 82400
Kurt Hansson 77000
Hugh Cairnie 75500
Stewart Hay 72900
Michael Patterson 71700
Morag Lawson 62900
Brent Burnett 60800
Jake Hughes 59600
Shaun Rutter 46800
Wayne Grieve 43700

25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight C - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st June 2014 @ 21:53


22:41: Down to 35 players over 4 tables from the 45 that started.

22:40: Looks like GK Kamal out with his 2nd entry for Flight C.

22:16: Vince Crolla out. His 4h2h all in preflop vs KJ didn't improve :-(

22:05: Gerry not off to a great start:

22:03: It looks like 45 is the final count for Flight C so we have 190 total and a £38,000 prize pool. Unconfirmed at the moment though.

22:02: Some of the bigger chip counts from Flight C:

Gordon Happer 27k
Andy Beuken 36k
Riad Kawmi 29k
Ross Loggie 49k
Steven Convery 38k
David Gillies 38k
Nehme Al Asmar 38k
Gordon McArthur 36k
John McDermott 66k
Sam Morris 40k
Conor Ogg 57k
Boaby Jardine 38k
Gareth McNeill 37k
Marius Varanavicius 41k
Colin Gillon 36k
Omer Ozkan 47k

21:53: Players on a break. Working on sound chip counts.

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