25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight C - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st June 2014 @ 21:06


21:46: On break. 15 minutes then registration will close. Hurry, hurry!

21:41: Vince opens for 500 blind, Ian Wright calls, Ross Loggie 3bets to 1.6k.  Vince calls as does Ian. Flop Jd2s2h. Checked to Ross and he bets 2k. Vince folds. Ian does too.

21:36: First break in 10 minutes then the registration will be closed. You have abour 25 minutes to get in!

21:34: Double up for Nehme Al Asmar (in the blue) when his Flush gets there:

21:31: We have 34 players now so 190 overall and £38,000 in the prize pool.

21:24: Ian Wright has equalled his personal best of 4 entries.

21:20: Got some details of GK Kamal's exit hand. Vince makes it 300 blind UTG, GK 3bet to 800 which got 3 callers. Vince then min-4bet to 1.3k, GK shipped all in, Ross Loggie called with 88, Vince folded Q9. GK had A2 and couldn't get there. It turns out that Vince's Q9 would have won so he's now said that he won't be folding again.

21:17: Vince Crolla is continuing to open and 3bet bling here on Table 2.

21:15: Looks like Steven Rinaldi will not be joining us in Flight C after all. Poor show.

21:13: GK Kamal knocked out by Ross Loggie.

21:07: Conor Ogg out! He 3bet to 3.1k from the BB but got 4 callers! The Flop was KhTh6h and he shoved all in with black Aces. Two other hands (QhJh and AhQd) also got it all in for a bigger side pot and the AQ got there with the 4th Heart on the Turn. John McDermott was the victor. Nehme Al Asmar lost with the QJ.

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