25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight C - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st June 2014 @ 20:28


20:55: Stuart Wilson is a big fan of The Boaby apparently:

20:51:  Vince Crolla just 3bet Neil Feenan's 350 open to 1k blind. He found A9 and ended up chopping with a third player's A8.

20:48: Ross Loggie has arrived on Table 2. He is quite happy as he just found out he won the 4th £20 flip for his seat.

20:47: On Table 3 Dylan Kirby opens for 475. Nehme Al Asmar calls from the cutoff and Conor Ogg comes along from the SB. Flop Ks6d4d. Check/Check and Nehme bets 2.5k. Connor calls, Dylan folds. Heads up. Turn Qh. Conor checks and Nehme bets 20k. Conor folds.

20:43: Gordon Happer on Table 1:

20:42: The jacket's off and Gareth McNeill is ready for battle now:

20:31: John McDermott and Sam Morris, also on Table 3:

20:29: Gerard Anderson and Dylan Kirby on Table 3:

20:28: Welcome to Level 2.

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