25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight B - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st June 2014 @ 17:53


18:48: Blinds up.

18:46: Gary Bertram at risk all in the flop with J9 vs 88 on JJ8 but he managed to survive by hitting the last Jack for Quads. Brian Johnstone was his opponent.

18:38: John Canning out. 20 left from the 54 that started now.

18:33: Double up for Jed Elliot with AA vs QJ all in vs James Findlay on a Queen High board. James all in next hand for about 3k. He has A9 vs AK vs AT. He hits a 9 on the Flop but the AT hits a Flush to take both other players out. James Findlay and John Angus (he had the AK) out. Fred Demarco was the hit man. Down to 21.

18:29: Still seats available for the next £20 11-handed flip for a £220 seat in Flight C at 7.45pm. Come on down!

18:25: Steven Gray's railbirds aka The Adams Family have arrived!

18:22: Steven Rinaldi considering joining us for the 7.45pm flight:

18:17: Tracey Dunn out. JJ no good vs AQ. Steven Saunderson also out.

18:14: Down to 25 players. Here are the 3 remaining tables:

18:10: Ewan Brown out. No spin up for his 3bb.

18:09: Some chip counts:

Steven Gray 138k
Craig Smith 65k
Paul McTaggart 60k
Brian Johnstone 81k
John Canning 58k
Andy Beuken 47k
Scott Maxwell 98k
Chris Thomson 220k
Paul Fallon 76k

18:02: Ewan Brown suffered a bit of setback:

17:55: On a 15 minute break now. Working on some chip counts.

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