25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight B - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st June 2014 @ 16:27


17:10: Back to Table 3....Fred Demarco open limps the Hijack for 800. Ewan Brown also call on the Button and blinds come along. Flop 9s6h5c. They check to Ewan and he bets 2.2k.  It's good enough for him to take it down.

17:08: Jim McLean opens for 2k UTG. Enrico Frattaroli calls in position. Flop 5d4c3d. Check/Check. Turn Jh. Jim bets 3k. Enrico folds.

17:06: Andy Beuken opens to 2k and.......takes it down.

17:04: Still on Table 2 Jim McLean opens to 2k, taking down the blinds and antes. Hopefully we see a Flop on the next Table 2 hand...

17:04: Over on Table 2 John Canning opens to 3k UTG, taking down the blinds and antes.

16:57: John Angus (left) opens for 1.7k. James Findlay (right) calls on the Button. Flop KcJcTs. John bets 2.2k and James shoves all in for about 32k. John has about 25k left. John says "Oh dear", thinks it over for a bit then......folds.

16:57: Fred Demarco opens for 2k. Takes the blinds and antes.

16:54: Ewan Brown opens to 1.7k from the cut-off. John Angus calls on the Button. Steven Gray 3bets to 5.2k from the SB. BB folds. Ewan folds but John calls. Heads up to the Flop of KhJc8d. Steven checks and John shoves all in for about 16k. Steven quickly folds.

16:50: Ewan Brown makes it 2.1k from the SB vs John Angus' BB. John calls. Flop AsKcQc. Ewan bets 2.5k. John calls. Turn 8s. Ewan bets 5.5k. John folds.

16:48: Steve Demarco opens to 2.1k in the cut-off. Steven Saunderson 3bets to 7.8k from the BB. Steve D gets away from it and Steven S wins.

16:47: John Angus opens to 2.1k from mid-position and is called by Fred Demarco in the BB. John takes it down with a cbet on the Flop though.

16:37: On Table 3 Ewan Brown opens to 1.7k from mid-position. Craig Smith (pictured on the right) 3bets to 3.7k. Ewan calls. Flop 5d5s4c. Ewan checks. Craig bets 4k. Ewan calls. Turn 6k. Ewan checks. Craig bets 7.5k. Ewan calls. River Kh. Ewan checks again. Craig bets 16.5k. Ewan thinks it over for a couple of minutes but elects to fold.

16:34: Ian Wright out a bit earlier. He's expended 1 bullet per flight so far. Probably going for the hat trick tonight.

16:27: Biggest stacks from around the room. 34 left out of 54.

Keith Christie 48k
Kee Tak "David" Cheung 47k
Chris Taylor 49k
Brian Johnstone 68k
Kyle Sutherland 55k
Andy Beuken 49k
Steven Gray 112k
Ewan Brown 64k
Craig Smith 49k
Chris Thomson 130k
Paul McTaggart 50k
Paul Fallon 43k

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