25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight B - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st June 2014 @ 14:06


14:56: Looks like Conor Ogg taken out by Steven Gray in a pretty sizeable pot around 90k on Table 3.

14:54: Grant Cooper out taken out by Brian Johnstone on Table 2. Does he have a 3rd bullet in the gun?

14:45: 2011 EPT San Remo winner and Edinburgh resident Rupert Elder in Glasgow for a spot of breakfast but alas he's not able to make the 25/25 Series this time:

14:42: Some updates from The Twitter. @AntManB is Ewan Brown, our Edinburgh champion from Season 1.

14:35: Flight B closed with 54 players so we have 145 total so far and a prize pool of £29,000. Decent.

14:32: Stuart Cooper out. Sources indicate he suffered a bad beat with AA vs AQ.

14:30: Anyone want to be my Bestie?

14:27: GK Kamal just arrived and tried to buy-in but he missed the cut-off. Oh well, looks like 5 hours in the sun then back for Flight C at 7.45pm for him.

14:25: Paul Fallon, Chris Thomson and Gary Bertram:

14:24: Todd Cairns, Brian Johnstone and Paul McTaggert (shorly before he busted):

14:23: Steve Demarco

14:22: Aberdeen's Steven Gray firing his 2nd bullet today:

14:21: Conor Ogg adopting the Phil Hellmuth pose when involved in a hand:

14:20: Here is former Dundee regular Amanda Ewings in action. She is now a resident of New Zealand, just back for a wee holiday at the moment.

14:19: Chris Ferguson and Craig Smith just drove here from Edinburgh together and now they're sitting side by side. How sweet.

14:16: A selection of the bigger stacks from around the room:

Chris Taylor 40k
Chris Martin 35k
Thomas Gardiner 29k
Kyle Sutherland 45k
Andy Beuken 36k
Liam Spence 35k
Conor Ogg 47k
Steven Gray 39k
Steve Demarco 27k
Gary Bertram 48k
Paul Fallon 28k
Nadeem Abbas 29k
Ewan Brown 43k
Craig Hamilton 31k
Robert Aitken 28k
Chris Ferguson 30k
John Angus 29k
Jim McLean 49k

14:06: On a break. Working on some chip counts. Paul McTaggart just busted last hand before the break. He was all in blind for about 3.5k. He found a respectable A6 but couldn't get there vs QQ. I assume he's off to re-enter.

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