25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight B - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st June 2014 @ 13:23


14:05: On the first 15 minute break now. 53 players for Flight B and 144 overall.

13:49: On Table 2 it looks like Paul McTaggart has cold 4bet from the BB but Todd Cairns 5bet shoved and Paul had to give it up.

13:45: Still on Table 3 Clive Smith opens for 450 from UTG+1. Barry Blackwood calls from the BB. Flop Ac6h3h. Barrry checks, Clive bets 450. Barry Calls. Turn Kd. Barry checks. Clive bets 1.4k. Barry calls. River 7d. Barry checks. Clive bets 1.2k  Barry thinks it over but eventually folds.

13:45: On Table 3 Amanda Ewings opens for 550 on the Button. Steven Gray calls from the SB. Conor Ogg then 3bets to 1.8k from the BB. Amanda folds as does Steven. Tactical battles on this table as well!

13:41: Craig Smith and Chris Ferguson from Edinburgh have arrived and are taking their seats.

13:39: Brian Johnstone opens to 500 from the cutoff. Kyle Sutherland 3bets from the BB and.....takes it down. Will try to find a more flop-happy table...

13:37: Conghai Wang opens to 500 from early position. Andy Beuken 3bets from the BB. Conghai calls. Flop AJ7 and Andy takes it down with a cbet.

13:35: Grant Cooper opens to 400 from the Hijack. Todd Crains 3bets to 1.1k from the Button. Grant........lays it down. Pretty cagey action here on Table 2 at the moment.

13:34: Conghai Wang opens to 500 from the Hijack. Grant Cooper 3bets to 1.3k from the Cutoff. Wang......lays it down.

13:33: Brian Johnstone opens to 500 UTG on Table 2 and.....takes it down.

13:31: On Table 2 Paul McTaggart opens to 500 from early position. Conghai Wang 3bets to 1.2k from the Button and takes it down.

13:23: 100/200 blinds now. there will be a break after this level.

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