James Green 127000
Gregor Deas 124600
David Bisset 120800
David Weeks 115300
Ian Wright 108700
Gary Gracey 108400
Patrick Doonan 104100
Lewis Coffin 103300
Nehme Al Asmar 88500
Frank Benzies 83600
Penny Malik 82700
Paul Anderson 74800
Alan Carlyle 66000
Ewan Mitchell Brown 59400
Shahid Sardar 50200
John Pullar 48700
Andrew Harrison 44900
Leon Sarandis 44800
Scott Maxwell 44400
Graeme Black 40100
Wai Chan 38000
Tomasz Daniel Ruminski 35900
Mary Paton 35800
John Angus 33100
Bob Adams 25000

25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight B - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st June 2014 @ 12:43


13:21: Grant Cooper wasted no time in re-enterting and is now on Table 2.

13:20: Here is the Blogger's Eye View of the card room:

13:18: Aberdeen Number 2 Man (Grant Cooper) eliminated! It appears that Boaby Jardine was the one scooping in his chips.

13:10: We are up to 44 players today making 135 total. The prize pool stands at £27,000. Decent.

13:08: Barry Blackwood and Steve Demarco involved in a preflop 4bet pot on Table 3:

13:07: Local cash game player Paul Fallon getting his head down and getting on with it. Top grinder.

13:01: Kyle Sutherland on Table 2:

12:59: Nadeem Abbas out from Table 2.

12:58: Paul McTaggart and Liam Spence both in today for another short after busting last night. Same for Ian Wright and Steven Gray.

12:54: Stuart Cooper stacking the chips after winning a pot:

12:53: Kee Tak "David" Cheung and Steven Saunderson on Table 5:

12:51: Chris Taylor a strong contender for Best Jacket:

12:50: Chris Taylor, Tracey Dunn and Keith Christie all looking very serious on Table 1:

12:49: Keith Christie, Enrico Frattaroli and Chris Martin on Table 1:

12:48: Amanda Ewings and Jed Elliot on Table 3:

12:44: Family Pot on Table 4:

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