25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight B - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 21st June 2014 @ 18:51


19:34: Flight B has ended.

19:26: 17 players left. Just a few more hands then it's all over. Will add the chip counts later on once they are ready. Flight C starts in 15 mins.

19:15: 13 minutes left for Flight B.

19:09: They're going flip mad here. A third one was won by Marius Varanavicius.

19:08: The next £20 flip was taken down by Boaby Jardine from Aberdeen.

19:00: The first £20 satellite flip was won my Nehme Al Asmar with the mighty 85o.

18:51: Lost a quick 2. Down to 18 over 2 tables.

18:49: Last level of Flight B. Still 20 left from 54. From Flight A 26 made it to Day 2 from 91.

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