25/25 Series Merchant City II - Flight A - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 20th June 2014 @ 22:41


23:28: An interesting way to lose. KQ vs JJ all in preflop. Andriy Shevi Myro ends up winning with King High when 4 Fives hit the board.

23:27: Ian went out shortly after with 84 vs J5 all in preflop. Rab Welsh was the victor.

23:26: Ian Wright all in preflop with Ah4s vs AA. He loses but gets 4.9k back. He shoves all in next hand UTG but gets no action. He shows a Deuce! I think in the picture below he is using the international hand signal for "one time".

23:24: A few more pics:

22:59: The one and only Jonny Gray, local high stakes cash game grinder. He also recently got 2nd place at GUKPT Edinburgh for £22,000.

22:58: Table 3 plus Superman on the rail:

22:57: A couple of players on Table 5:

22:56: Table 5 in action:

22:55: Mmmmmmmm, ice cream. It's quite hot in the card room so it's a good way to cool down.

22:53: Here is the Champ from our last leg in Aberdeen, Andrew White.

22:52: Ian Wright's stack. He's since doubled up and confirmed he was behind when the money went in though.

22:51: Chip counts coming at the next break after Level 6. Will upload some more photos from around the room for now.

22:43: Chris Wilson takes down a nice pot with QQ:

22:42: Serial 25/25 Series Final table Boaby Jardine getting involved on Twitter. He's not here yet but will be playing Flight B tomorrow.

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